brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > You could never equal the achievements of Einstien, inded you could
> > equal what you claim he achieved.
> Please.  John Knight could never equal the achievements of your
> average high school drop out.
> It's also worth a chuckle that he writes as if Jewish capacity for
> intelligence stands or falls based on his lies about Einstein, without
> even addressing most other Jewish physicists, let alone scientists in
> general.

Keep your eye on the prize, Daniel.

Israel scored 466 on TIMSS math and 468 in science.

American girls scored 469 in TIMSS science, 1 point higher than Israel.

But  32% of American 12th grade girls' responses were not statistically
significant, 23% were statistically significant because they scored lower
than if they'd just guessed, and of the 45% that was statistically
significant, the amount by which they scored lower than boys was
statistically significant on 24.4%, by which they scored higher than boys
was statistically significant on 2.6%, and the difference between boys and
girls was not stastically significant on 18%.  Had it not been for simple
give-away questions, their average score would have been lower than if
they'd just guessed.

Yet their final TIMSS science score was 469?!

Can you even conceive of how little jews in Israel would have to know and
how STUPID they would have to be in order to score even LOWER than American
12th grade girls?

And you want us to believe that a moron like Einstein, who was on the left
side of this FLAT bell curve, who never even completed an algebra class, who
never even had a laboratory or colleagues to help him with his "research",
who never even attended college much less got a degree, "discovered" the
theory of relativity?  This is pancake country.  The only bell curve flatter
than Israel is American 12th grade girls--BECAUSE we let you MORON jews into

The only thing Einstein was good at was LYING.  And if the most "brilliant"
jew in the world was a complete and total moron, then how smart could the
next most "brilliant" jew be?  And what about the tenth most "brilliant"

In the real world, Daniel, getting away with the big LIE ain't a mark of
intelligence.  It's a mark of CRIMINALITY.

John Knight

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