brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Thu Sep 19 22:16:35 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>Keep your eye on the prize, Daniel.
>Israel scored 466 on TIMSS math and 468 in science.

You are aware of course that "Israel" is not "Jews".  Most Jews don't
live in Israel, and only 75-80% of Israelis are Jews.

>American girls scored 469 in TIMSS science, 1 point higher than Israel.
>But  32% of American 12th grade girls' responses were not statistically
>significant, 23% were statistically significant because they scored lower
>than if they'd just guessed, and of the 45% that was statistically
>significant, the amount by which they scored lower than boys was
>statistically significant on 24.4%, by which they scored higher than boys
>was statistically significant on 2.6%, and the difference between boys and
>girls was not stastically significant on 18%.

You have no idea what "statistically significant" means, and your
usage there is incorrect.

>Had it not been for simple give-away questions,

There weren't any, and you haven't demonstrated that you could do
better than guessing yourself.

>Can you even conceive of how little jews in Israel would have to know and
>how STUPID they would have to be in order to score even LOWER than American
>12th grade girls?

Since the test is not measuring "stupidity", but rather "quality of
mathematics and science education", this is irrelevant.  Einstein was
educated in Germany and Switzerland.  Of course he was also educated
there more than a century ago, and very few school systems operate the
way they did a century ago.

>And you want us to believe that a moron like Einstein,

Prove that his IQ was less than 25.

>who was on the left side of this

Prove that his IQ was less than 100

>FLAT bell curve

If a bell curve is flat then that means that it is not a bell curve.

>, who never even completed an algebra class,


>who never even had a laboratory

He didn't need one since all of his research was theoretical.

>or colleagues to help him with his "research",

Of course he had colleagues.  Some of them were the people you claimed
that he plagiarized from

>who never even attended college much less got a degree,

What a fool.  He got his doctorate in 1905 from the school that had
turned him down when he tried to get admitted before completing high

>"discovered" the theory of relativity?


>This is pancake country.

You are pancake-brained.  No sorry, pancakes aren't usually as fluffy.

>The only thing Einstein was good at was LYING. 

You mean that is the only thing YOU are good at.

>In the real world, Daniel, getting away with the big LIE ain't a mark of
>intelligence.  It's a mark of CRIMINALITY.

Are you a criminal, then?  Why yes, by golly - you spent time in
prison.  Of course, we won't let you get away with any more big lies.


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