brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Thu Sep 19 22:50:01 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at> wrote in message
>news:ng5jou063q5qo0nuuon9ohs3nck2237lr1 at
>> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> >What is it about "liberals" that they never seem to be able to understand
>>                   ^ (read: nincompoops like me)
>> >the concept of "public debate"
>>                  ^ (read: netiquette)
>> >or  "social commentary"
>>       ^ (read: common sense)
>> >or "Biblical exegesis"
>>      ^ (read: blasphemies and lies fed to me by the Serpent of Eden,
>> who I serve)
>> >and instead must diddle with little personal niglets all the
>> >time?
>One of these days you just might figure out that you have no idea what my
>"opinion" is.  All you have so far are FACTS.

Why thank you for admitting it.  See above to know what you admitted.

>But then expecting "liberals" to be able to tell the difference is about
>like expecting you to understand what a HOAX Einstein was, eh?

Einstein wasn't a hoax, and since all I have are facts, you've
admitted it.  Furthermore, you've admitted that you are LIAR who serve
the Serpent per the above, because all I have are FACTS.

You lose.


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