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> >>Does it come as a surprise to ANYONE that John regards psych drugs as
> >>part of a conspiracy?
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> > Actually, everything that jews in this country have done in the name of
> > "medicine", all the way from Salk to Ritalin to antidepressants to salt,
> > been a complete, unmitigated catastrophe.
> >
> > John Knight
> You are probably right that all that stuff has been a catastrophe, but
> blaming it on a Jewish conspiracy is insupportable.  There have been
> MANY christian scientists and doctors also involved, more than Jews
> numerically. So if anything its at least as much of a christian
> conspiracy.
> Salt is a conspiracy and a catastrophe?  Now that is a new one even to
> me.  How so?
> Bob

Yes, Christians have been sucked into this jewish scam, and they are NO less
culpable than the jews, particularly if it can be proven that they knew what
was going on.

Even if it can't be proven that they knew, their failure to do due diligence
still makes them culpable.

You wouldn't think that jews could have used something as simple as salt as
a weapon against us, but there is some excellent evidence that they have at:


The first time I heard about this was in the Orient, but I dismissed it at
the time because it seemed that salt was salt.  But Asians are very
particular about their source of salt and don't trust American imports.  The
story on that above page isn't completely convincing, but it's consistent
with what Asians think about it.

John Knight

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