brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <> <> Tell you what: I'll give you ten bucks for every white grad you
> <> <> can find who will spontaneously answer "Who are you?" with
> <> <> "I am a racist, sexist, homophobic opressor" if you'll give
> <> <> me a quarter for every one I can find who will roll their
> <> <> eyes at the whole idea.
> <You have become an accomplice to this jew *treachery* by using the new
> <word "homophobia" to survey a Christian nation about upholding existing
> <against sodomy.

> Oh, alas, mea culpa, mea culpa.
> I was in fact quoting a phrase from an article YOU posted, Bunky.
> Now go wash out your keyboard with soap.
> And then find another post of mine which uses the dreaded word.
> Off you go now...
> -- cary

It was YOU who proposed that a survey question include the words "homophobic
oppressor", cary.  This is a jewish sleight of hand, so by participating in
their little game, you're propagating their evil agenda.

The jewish organization Gallup is an excellent abuser of such wording.  They
managed to conduct a poll about "homosexuality" as a "civil right" wherein
[purportedly] only 43% of Americans would support anti-sodomite marriage
laws at PRECISELY the same time that 70% of the voters in some states VOTED
to pass laws banning sodomite marriages.  To be off by a few percentage
points is acceptable.  To be off by a factor of 1.6 makes them scumbags and
accomplies to sodomy (which ought to be an even bigger crime than
accomplices to murder, who often serve just as much time as the murderers

BUT the only valid question about sodomy is to frame it as a religious
issue, in which case 80% of Americans oppose the removal of laws against

To ask someone if they are a "homophobic oppressor", rather than a Christian
who upholds Christian principles, in a nation which is supposedly 93%
Christians, is like asking Muslims in Saudi Arabia what they think about

John Knight

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