brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Fri Sep 20 17:21:37 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>You've claimed for a long time that jews are not a race.
>Now you're arguing just as vehemently that they are a race by only ONE
>definition of race?

They do not fit the definition of race that YOU have used (associated
with genos)

>You have finally agreed that jews are a race by claiming that they are an
>"ethnos" [which is Greek for race].

No it is NOT, and you've been shown this repeatedly.  Even your
version of Strong's does not use the word without parenthetical
modification to show that it is only metaphorically associated with

>Every single one of these definitions for race fit the jews to a tee.


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