Being too precise

Chris Lofting lofting at
Sat Sep 21 12:41:41 EST 2002

A review of how our brain processes information suggests that in high
definition typologies there is an error in perception. This particular


deals with psychological typing in particular but reflects the
underlying processes of our mental states in general.

In summary, when asking yes/no questions (and so a rigid 1:1 focus)
you need to move to a more 1:many perspective as in "If your answer is
YES then click the box OTHERWISE do this little questionaire ..." -
this is due to 'issues' with the brain processing negation in that
that part that is expressing the negation does it in a positive

The fundamental processing seems to be the recursion of the
differentiation/integration dichotomy - a dichotomy that has a 'skew'
in the precision possible by either element.

For the model used to identify brain function and the source of
general meaning, see


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