brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >Keep your eye on the prize, Daniel.
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> >> >Israel scored 466 on TIMSS math and 468 in science.
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> >> You are aware of course that "Israel" is not "Jews".  Most Jews don't
> >> live in Israel, and only 75-80% of Israelis are Jews.
> >
> >Precisely.  "Only" 18% of residents of New Jersey are jews,
> 6 million Jews in the entire country and you think 1.5 million are in
> New Jersey alone?  Try 5.6% (lower than the 8.7% in New York)
> >but that's enough to put New Jersey in TOP position for education
> Why isn't NY higher in spending if this were relevant (and New York
> City with the highest concentration of Jews, spends far less than the
> rest of the state, only $8106 per student), and 3rd through 5th places
> were DC, Connecticut and Alaska.

Now that we know the REAL cranial capacity of jews, we can determine the
actual percentage of jews in NY and NJ with far more precision than the
statistics which THEY control, and manipulate.

Would you like to do that? contains
many of the necessary links, and even a few calculations to help you along.

You'll find that, because there are so few niggers in New Jersey (relative
to states with even more niggers but much higher scores), that the only
reason NJ would score so low is that the Whites there are VERY stupid
Whites--or there are more jews in NJ than jews want to admit to'

Which do you think it is:  stupid Whites, or more jews?

We can also calculate exactly what a community's crime rate and education
standing is based SOLELY on knowing it's racial composition.  See the "Race
Calculator" at

It would be a good bet that any deviation between this calculated rate and
the actual reported rate is due to an error in the way the police collect
the data rather than an error in the Race Calculator.

John Knight

ps--in the event you don't believe these STUPID jews' low ACT scores, take a
look at the TIMSS benchmarking study linked to  .  For example, shows that 57% of the students in
Singapore were able to answer this simple question, 50% in Taipei, 39% in
Japan, but only 15% in Rochester, New York. shows 26% in Rochester answered a
question which 70% of the students in Korea answered correctly. is a question which only 17% of
Rochester's students got correct, compared to 70% of Koreans [Korea spends
almost NOTHING for education compared to us].  shows 25% of Jew Nersey's students
knew the answer, compared to 79% of Hong Kong's students.

Could people in New Jersey REALLY be this STUPID--or do their "schools" MAKE
students STUPID?

Or is it just jews?

Would you like my "opinion", lojbab?  TOO BAD!!  You'll have to just guess
what my "opinion" is.

John Knight

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