brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <>No, you're not a feminist, Holzman.  You're worse than that--you're a
> <
> <I hadn't realized the two were mutually exclusive, but I suppose
> <"multivariate" is another word John can't figure out.
> <
> <I still love the way he thinks calling someone "Jew" is a bad thing.
> <
> <>And do you know how we're going to achieve Mr. August's objective?
> <>
> <>We're going to exile you HATEFUL jews.
> <
> <Does anyone else ever wonder if he screams this as he lies in bed
> <playing with himself?
> <
> <>It cannot happen as long as you have even ONE jewish toe on this
> <>
> <
> <Sure you are, John.
> <
> <Let me propose a little wager.  You give me a dollar every day I'm
> <here.  I'll give you $50,000 when you exile the Jews from the United
> <States.  Shit or get off the pot.
> Get in line, eh?  John already owes me .... lessee here... twenty
> bucks (and counting) over a similar proposition.
> -- cary

I kinda like the way the Russians do things.  When a jew reaches the Russian
border on their way to Israel, all they get to have with them is two shoes,
two socks, a pair of pants, a pair of underwear, and a shirt.  No foreign
bank account, no checkbook, no grandiose scheme to continue to try to loot
what's left of the once-very-profitable Christian nation called Russia.

This could be a very profitable bet, but we don't want even a nickel from
you jews, Daniel.  Just go, peaceably.

You can argue amongst yourselves once you're safely quarrantined on
Madagascar, with ONE internet hook-up for the whole island.

John Knight

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