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> > >You see, for the "six million Jews" that were "killed" in the
> > >(read my earlier post regarding the real meaning of that word),
> >
> > Words mean what we use them to mean.  Just as "gay" no longer refers
> > only to how you feel on a bright spring day, holocaust no longer
> > refers to the inside of a nuclear explosion.  Live with it: the
> > language changes.
> True, Language changes. Holocaust originaly referred to burnt offerings.
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> >
> > The term "Holocaust" is applied not merely to the deaths in WW II, of
> > course, but to the entire pattern of abuse, torture, and attempted
> > genocide by the Nazis against the Jews (and by some people against
> > other non-"Aryan" minorities like the Gypsies, as well).
> The Nazis do not have a monopoly on holocausts. It still happens today.
> R.

Really.  How come there were half a million MORE jews after WWII than there
were before, but 48 million FEWER Christians?

Do you think that the CHRISTIANS who were killed as the result fo the Nazis
and Hitler didn't suffer a "holocaust" of their own?

Why not?

What about Dresden?

The only "evidence" you have that jews were victims of a "holocaust" were
the LIARS known as jews.

John Knight

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