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> >You see, for the "six million Jews" that were "killed" in the "holocaust"
> >(read my earlier post regarding the real meaning of that word),
> Words mean what we use them to mean.  Just as "gay" no longer refers
> only to how you feel on a bright spring day, holocaust no longer
> refers to the inside of a nuclear explosion.  Live with it: the
> language changes.

Why don't you live with the definition of RACE?  Jews are a RACE.  Live with

> >there were
> >not only a 4% INCREASE in the Indo-European Jewish population according
> >Jewish sources,
> That is the nincompoop's baloney statistics, using what probably was
> the lowest estimate from one point in time and comparing it to the
> highest estimate at another point in time.  I'll believe what
> researchers have determined.

No you won't, because "what researchers have determined" is precisely what
you are claiming are LIES.  You will always believe what the world's biggest
and best LIARS tell you--the jews.

> >but 40 million CHRISTIANS were also BRUTALLY MURDERED whilst
> Again, this is the nincompoop's statistics, assuming that every who

> wasn't a Jew was a Christian to boot.

This is from Encyclopedia Britannica,000,000

"World War II is estimated, rather uncertainly,

to have cost between 35,000,000 and 60,000,000 lives.

The U.S.S.R. has been reckoned to have lost 11,000.000

combatants and 7,000,000 civilians; Poland, 5,800,000

lives altogether, including, however, some 3,200,000 of

the 5,700,000 Jews put to death by the Nazis in the course

of the war; Germany, 3,500,000 combatants dead and

780,000 civilians; China, 1,310,224 combatants in the

Nationalist forces alone, with civilian losses dubiously

estimated at 22,000,000; Japan, 1,300,000 combatants

and 672,000 civilians; Yugoslavia, 305,000 and 1,200,000;

the United Kingdom, 264,443 and 92,673; the United

States, 292,131 and 6,000."

Russians themselves believe 25-50 million Christians were killed by the JEWS
Trotsky and Lenin and their Bolshevik henchmen.

> Most of the WW II deaths were
> in Soviet Union, which was officially atheist with the dominant
> Russian Orthodox religion especially suppressed so that we don't know
> the religion of those who died, China and Japan where we KNOW most who
> died were non-Christian, and Germany where most who died were
> Christian but they were the invader and not "defending their own
> homes".

Just because jews take over a government and ban Christianity doesn't mean
that Christianity just disappeared.  You would be hard pressed today to find
even one non-Christian in Russia, especially now that the jews are finally
getting the message and moving on.

> and
> gives a compendium of different estimates by different sources for the
> deaths in each locale.
> gives a summary of deaths.
> Based on the latter, I would guesstimate the number of Christians who
> died as 13-30 million depending on how many Soviet deaths could be
> called "Christian".
> >That's a ratio of 6.66 Christians per Jew killed.
> The term "Holocaust" is applied not merely to the deaths in WW II, of
> course, but to the entire pattern of abuse, torture, and attempted
> genocide by the Nazis against the Jews (and by some people against
> other non-"Aryan" minorities like the Gypsies, as well).

But this is NOT the DEFINITION of "HOLOCAUST", and it makes NO difference
how many times a LIAR repeats a LIE--it doesn't change dictionary
definitions.  And JUST because some STUPID jew wants to grab this word for
the JEWS is no reason at all for letting them get away with it, and in fact
it's all the reason in the world to EXILE them:

"an offering the whole of which is burned; burnt offering" is a FINE word,

> >You once again misunderstand Mr. Knight's posts because of your crass
> >overemotionalism.
> Whereas you appear to deny the Holocaust, and Holocaust deniers are
> beneath contempt, if not subhuman.
> lojbab

There is NOTHING below a JEW who LIES about the events of WWII and IGNORES
the 48 million CHRISTIANS who died horrible deaths, many of whom DID become
"burnt offerings"--you are the SCUM of the Earth.

John Knight

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