brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Matthew Amsel matthew.amsel at
Mon Sep 23 23:56:23 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> I kinda like the way the Russians do things.  When a jew reaches the Russian
> border on their way to Israel, all they get to have with them is two shoes,
> two socks, a pair of pants, a pair of underwear, and a shirt.  No foreign
> bank account, no checkbook, no grandiose scheme to continue to try to loot
> what's left of the once-very-profitable Christian nation called Russia.
> This could be a very profitable bet, but we don't want even a nickel from
> you jews, Daniel.  Just go, peaceably.
> You can argue amongst yourselves once you're safely quarrantined on
> Madagascar, with ONE internet hook-up for the whole island.
> John Knight

"Once very profitable"? is he talking about the same russia that i'm
thinking about?

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