brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >Right now, all I want is a Bible, a Christian male pastor (black or
>> >and a sense of loving and being loved.  ... growing
>>                 ^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^       ^^^^^^^
>> >together ... nurturing ... combatting
>>  ^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^     ##########
>> Does anyone else suddenly get struck by massive cognitive dissonance
>> right there?
>75% to 95% of Americans view "combatting" crime, "combatting" evil,

I think closer to 100% on these.

>"combatting" anti-Christianity, "combatting" stupidity, or "liberals", or
>jews, or feminazis, or race traitors to be GOOD things.

Whereas these have variable percentages ranging to near-zero for the

>The only cognitive dissonance here is your "perception" that they're not
>GOOD things.

I said NOTHING about "good" or "bad".

"Combatting" has nothing to do with "loving", "nurturing", or "growing


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