Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Sep 24 17:00:59 EST 2002

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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >> >That's a ratio of 6.66 Christians per Jew killed.
> >>
> >> The term "Holocaust" is applied not merely to the deaths in WW II, of
> >> course, but to the entire pattern of abuse, torture, and attempted
> >> genocide by the Nazis against the Jews (and by some people against
> >> other non-"Aryan" minorities like the Gypsies, as well).
> >
> >But this is NOT the DEFINITION of "HOLOCAUST",
> Learn to use a dictionary.  (The word means what people use it to)
> mean.
> lojbab

The very LAST people in this country with the authority, moral or legal, to
change an English dictionary definition are the STUPID, LYING jews who
ignore the 48 million CHRISTIANS who DID die in WWII, many of them in a
literal "holocaust" like the one in Dresden

If this definion is to be changed, it will be changed to account for the 48
million DEAD Christians, not some ephemeral STUPID "6 million jews" no
matter WHAT happened to them.

The English language isn't up for grabs for you "liberals" who "think" that
the "word means what people use it to) mean [sic]".

John Knight

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