Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Sep 24 17:22:36 EST 2002

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<> Learn to use a dictionary.  (The word means what people use it to)
<> mean.
<> lojbab
<The very LAST people in this country with the authority, moral or legal, to
<change an English dictionary definition are the STUPID, LYING jews who
<ignore the 48 million CHRISTIANS who DID die in WWII, many of them in a
<literal "holocaust" like the one in Dresden
<If this definion is to be changed, it will be changed to account for the 48
<million DEAD Christians, not some ephemeral STUPID "6 million jews" no
<matter WHAT happened to them.
<The English language isn't up for grabs for you "liberals" who "think" that
<the "word means what people use it to) mean [sic]".

So, "fudge-packer" means someone who works in an ice-cream factory,
and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a cretin?

-- cary

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