Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >The only "evidence" you have that jews were victims of a "holocaust" were
>> >the LIARS known as jews.
>>>> Tell it to the British court that found Holocaust deniers to have no
>> case.
>NO court has ever "found" such a thing.

>ALL the "courts" have ever done is make it a CRIME to speak the TRUTH.

Nope.  In the US you have freedom of speech (but not freedom to
violate copyright like you regularly do).  In Britain there are strict
libel laws and thus somewhat less free speech.  But it was the
Holocaust denier that sued for libel, and thus tried to deny "speaking
the TRUTH".  He lost, and hence faces a million dollars worth of legal
costs.  There was no "crime", but there was a loser.  Just like you.

>They NEVER proved that the people who were found guilty of "holocaust
>denial" weren't telling the truth.

See the above URL.  Britain has pretty strict libel laws, and they
indeed had to prove that Irving was not telling the truth in order to
not be found guilty of libel.

>ALL they proved is that people who were
>speaking the TRUTH were doing so in violation of some UNCONSTITUTIONAL,

The rest of the world does not subscribe to our constitution,
numbskull.  The law in Britain is NOT against the British constitution
(which is not written).

>ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, AMORAL jew sponsored law against the TRUTH.

I don't know any of those.

>After the jews are gone, maybe we should make it a crime to speak about
>jews, eh?  Pretend their sorry never even existed, right?  Is this how
>it works?  Is this what you'd like?

I'd rather pretend that you never existed.


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