Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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John Knight wrote:
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>>The term "Holocaust" is applied not merely to the deaths in WW II, of
>>course, but to the entire pattern of abuse, torture, and attempted
>>genocide by the Nazis against the Jews (and by some people against
>>other non-"Aryan" minorities like the Gypsies, as well).
> But this is NOT the DEFINITION of "HOLOCAUST", and it makes NO difference
> how many times a LIAR repeats a LIE--it doesn't change dictionary
> definitions.

Did you even read the link I posted before you started preaching at me?
It showed that the word can be used to describe the death of any large 
amount of people be it by war, genocide or nuclear explosion and be they 
Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Pagan or whatever.

> And JUST because some STUPID jew wants to grab this word for
> the JEWS is no reason at all for letting them get away with it, and in fact
> it's all the reason in the world to EXILE them:

I agree that it doesn't apply only to Jews. As for exile, I would 
suggest that for people who make wholesale generalisations based on 
religious creed or ethnicity.

> "an offering the whole of which is burned; burnt offering" is a FINE word,
> AS IS.

You want a language that doesn't change and evolve? Learn Latin.


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