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> Shore, Shirley.
> People think that whiteys should have stakes driven through their hearts so 
> that more vampires can't be created.
> Pastor Pete likes to say "We are NOT "Gay," We are NOT Cannibals, and We 
> Certainly are NOT "Identity".
> Johnnie, I take it that you are gay, you are a cannibal and you are identity. 
> You shouldn't be ashamed but you should - seriously - stay away from 
> elementary school playgrounds.
> Queen Johnnie - stay away from our sons. I know what you think as a 
> gangbanger in a metropolitan area. But even the Klan will deal with commies 
> like you.
> You're broken and need to be fixed.
> -Lance

So tell us, lanceolake, do any of the following issues pull a string for you, or are you on the same side of amorality as lojbab et. al.?

John Knight

Citizens versus Government

Credible polls establish that religious rights that American citizens want and deserve per their own Constitution is directly contradictory to U.S. government policy



In spite of what jew Engel wants, four out of five Republicans want spoken Christian prayers to be restored to public schools per an ABC News Poll. Nineteen out of twenty Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction morally per a Be Counted Poll. The increase in the murder and suicide rates since spoken Christian prayer in public school was banned killed an extra one million Americans   Even though this nation was founded by Christians as a Christian nation radical feminists like Sandra Day O'Connor usurped thousands of years of Christian progress by using their positions to force their radical feminist ideology onto this Christian nation. Per Gallup Polls and Infoplease Almanac:

  a.. 94% believe in God or a higher power 
  b.. 93% are Christians 
  c.. 90% pray regularly 
  d.. 87% believe God created life   
  e.. 86% believe in God 
  f.. 85% are members of churches 
  g.. 85% favor the banishment of jews 
  h.. 83% favor prayers at graduation ceremonies 
  i.. 81% want creation to be taught in public schools 
  j.. 80% of Republicans favor school prayer 
  k.. 78% favor after hours use of public schools by religious groups 
  l.. 74% want the Ten Commandments to be displayed 
  m.. 71% favor using the Holy Bible in public school classes 
  n.. 70% favor spoken Christian prayers in public schools 
  o.. 58% to 68% blame Israel for attack on WTC 
  p.. 68% favor teaching creation in public schools   
  q.. 29% oppose spoken daily prayer in public schools 
  r.. 28% want teaching of the theory of evolution to be required 
  s.. 24% oppose the display of the Ten Commandments 
  t.. 17% oppose prayers at graduation ceremonies 
  u.. 9% believe in the "theory of evolution" 


More than half of men voters support the existing second amendment per a Gallup Poll.  Less than 8% believe our 22,000 gun control laws are effective per a Be Counted Poll.  90% believe gun manufacturers should not be held liable for crimes committed with their products per a WorldNet Daily poll.   Private gun ownership has been proven by numerous valid scientific studies to prevent crime yet every jewish politician in the land wants even more gun control laws 


Two thirds oppose legalized abortion and half  view abortion as MURDER per a Gallup Poll  Only 40% supported the legalization of abortion before abortion was legalized per the Statistical Handbook of the American Family    Half  view the 40 million potential fellow Americans who have been aborted under the direction of the U.S. government to be both murder and a direct violation of God's Law, yet feminists persist that abortion is a "woman's right".


Nineteen of twenty Americans want mandatory testing of teachers per a Gallup Poll   while the NEA uses its political clout to reject those legitimate concerns.   Our Forefathers intended for public education to spread the good news about Jesus Christ but federal interference in public education prevents this, which was followed by a 98 point drop in SAT scores and left zero percent of American girls able to answer vital math and physics questions.  US public school students are now DEAD LAST in the world in TIMSS test scores while home schooled 9th graders outperform public schooled 12th graders.


80% of both men and women believe that a majority of women would lie seriously enough to falsely convict their husbands of a crime they didn't commit 92%  want inmates to be given DNA tests to help prove their innocence while politicians still deny them that right.  The number  behind bars increased ten fold in four decades and made American men one third of the men in the world who are behind bars, a rate which is 35 times higher than China    More than half of these convictions have now been proven by DNA tests to have been based on false testimony from women, and 37 men are now known to have been executed for crimes they didn't commit.  Two thirds blame jews for 911, and three quarters blame the NWO/White House.


A ten fold increase in our incarceration, violent crime and murder rates followed rampant family breakdown   which led to police officers being given the "right" to lie, the legalization of swat teams, and damages caused by our "justice system" being more costly to society than the damages done by criminals themselves.


Two thirds believe the Talmud, jewish judges, jewish control of the media, and jewish control of education played a key role in our current social pathology, 68% believe our financial support of Israel caused the terrorist attacks in New York and the Pentagon, and three quarters to 91% favor the expulsion of jews to Madagascar 


Seventeen of twenty Americans oppose the "gender" and "racial" "equality" imposed by affirmative action per a Gallup Poll, 80% of blacks and 89% of all Floridians oppose affirmative action per a Zogby Poll yet feminists empowered known liars and adulterers to remain in the office of highest public trust in order to protect their ill-gotten gains in "gender equality"


Four of five Americans believe sodomy  is always wrong per the Statistical Handbook on the American Family, Oryx Press, 1992.  Less than half  agree with legalizing sodomy per a Gallup Poll  66% oppose the legalization of sodomite marriages per a New York Magazine poll.  Two thirds of California voters voted to ban sodomy.  Hawaii and Alaskan voters voted to ban sodomite "marriages".  55% favor initiatives which ban sodomy per a Field Poll.  Less than a third of Vermont voters want sodomy to be legalized per a Pascoe Poll.  Less than one of twenty parents want sodomy discussed in their children's schools.  Less than 1% favor "gay marriages" per a WorldnetDaily poll.  Sodomy is known to shorten life expectancy by 30 years 


Nine out of ten Americans want adultery laws to be upheld per the Gallup Poll   and 84% want adultery laws to be upheld per an independent poll.  Even though adultery is a violation of the Ten Commandments and against the law in every state, feminists insist that adultery is "a woman's right", resulting in more than one of five children born to intact families not being genetically linked to the husband.


Half  want single-mother households to be outlawed The Bill of Rights protects the rights of Christians to practice their religion but fundamental Christian principles are violated by displacing Christianity with feminism in public schools.  Family stability is undermined by requiring Christians to financially subsidize the single-mother households which raise 78% of the children who grow up to become career criminals and prison inmates.


Four out of five Americans recognize fatherlessness as the most significant social problem of this nation's short life per a Gallup Poll   69% recognize fatherlessness as "the worst crisis this nation has ever faced" and 53% prefer the presumption of father custody as the solution in independent polls 

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