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> >>The term "Holocaust" is applied not merely to the deaths in WW II, of
> >>course, but to the entire pattern of abuse, torture, and attempted
> >>genocide by the Nazis against the Jews (and by some people against
> >>other non-"Aryan" minorities like the Gypsies, as well).
> >>
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> > But this is NOT the DEFINITION of "HOLOCAUST", and it makes NO
> > how many times a LIAR repeats a LIE--it doesn't change dictionary
> > definitions.
> Did you even read the link I posted before you started preaching at me?
> It showed that the word can be used to describe the death of any large
> amount of people be it by war, genocide or nuclear explosion and be they
> Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Pagan or whatever.

The problem is that not even jews are still claiming that many jews died by
FIRE in WWII.  They started out by wildly proclaiming that 8 million jews
had been "holocausted", but that number has been QUIETLY creeping downward
as the evidence keeps coming in.  It was down to "6 million killed (not
burned) in Auschwitz", then the plaque was QUIETLY changed to "four million
people 'suffered'", then in 2002 the plaque suddenly reads "about one and a
half million men women and children" with NOTHING about FIRE, and a VAGUE
reference to jews.

You can see the plaque for yourself at

MOST people who died in Auschwitz were CHRISTIANS who the jews could NOT
care less about.

Yes, both Webster's New World Dictionary and Webster's New Collegiate
dictionary have maintained the definition of "holocaust" which prevents jews
from proclaiming that this is THEIR word.

They have attempted to switch from "fire" to "gassing"--with no luck.

Conversely, the German civilian Christians in DRESDEN and HAMBURG were
literally holocausted by our firebombing of those civilian populations--and
they DO deserve to claim to have been victims of a holocaust.

> > And JUST because some STUPID jew wants to grab this word for
> > the JEWS is no reason at all for letting them get away with it, and in
> > it's all the reason in the world to EXILE them:
> I agree that it doesn't apply only to Jews. As for exile, I would
> suggest that for people who make wholesale generalisations based on
> religious creed or ethnicity.
> > "an offering the whole of which is burned; burnt offering" is a FINE
> > AS IS.
> You want a language that doesn't change and evolve? Learn Latin.
> R.

No, we shall preserve the English language as is without "liberals" and jews
hijacking it.  When jews LIE about their victimhood and a ton of other
things that can be proven to be FALSE, they have empowered themselves as
precisely the group (religious, ethnic, or race--it makes no difference)
that shall be exiled.

The jewish "holocaust" is just one of thousands of successful jewish LIES.

John Knight

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