brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >We don't have the economics statistics that describe personal savings,
> >capita incomes, GDP, of pre-Bolshevist Russia, but if the remaining
> >government buildings, cities, cathedrals, residences, are any indication,
> >Russia was once the wealthiest country in the world, at least at the time
> >the Bolshevist attack.
> John also thinks that French peasants in the time of Louis XIV - XVI
> were quite wealthy, based on the opulence of Versails.

Compared to 900 million niggers in Africa, French peasants are kings.

The real measure of the wealth of a nation, though, is its personal savings,
of which, thanks mostly to the $800 billion per year in social transfer
payments to 33 million niggers in this country, we have NONE

Not only do we have no personal savings, but for the first time since the
Great Depression we have had a NEGATIVE personal savings rate, the only
industrialized nation in the world to ever achieve such a grand state

In the interim, Japanese households, in the midst of their putative "Asian
economic crisis" in December 1999:

1)  Earned an average of $9,819 per household per MONTH.

2)  SAVED 51.3% of it.

3)  Paid only 9.9% of it in taxes.

4)  Added ANOTHER $2 trillion to their already existing $30-40 trillion
Postal Savings Account.

5)  Deposited so much money in Sumitomo Bank that it grew IN ONE YEAR by
almost as much as the entire asset value of Bank of America

John Knight

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