brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> John also thinks that French peasants in the time of Louis XIV - XVI
>> were quite wealthy, based on the opulence of Versails.
>Compared to 900 million niggers in Africa, French peasants are kings.

Bread riots are not a regular occurrence in Africa.  There is
starvation in part of Africa, but it was almost certainly worse in
medieval France (which had a shorter average lifespan).

>The real measure of the wealth of a nation, though, is its personal savings,


>5)  Deposited so much money in Sumitomo Bank that it grew IN ONE YEAR by
>almost as much as the entire asset value of Bank of America

Rather obsolete numbers, if they were ever correct.

gives a 6/92 asset value for Mizuho of 87 trillion yen, which is $719
billion.  Sumitomo's assets convert to $521 billion.  So Mizuho LOST
nearly $600 billion in assets in a few months if we were to believe
your numbers.  The combination of postal savings and postal insurance
accounts have 360 trillion yen, which is just under US $3 trillion.


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