brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > >>> [...] Einstein was born in Ulm and reared by Germans,
> > >>> but did he marry a Yugoslav, or what nationality?
> > >>
> > >>[...] Yes, his first wife, Mileva Maric, was Serbian.
> > >>(Yugoslavia had not been invented at that time.)
> > >
> > >What happened to Einstein's brain after his death?
> > >Was it in any way unusual, apart from being awfully smart?
> >
> > Do not post religious articles about prophets or philosophy to
> > sci.physics. Thanks. Einstein was not a phycisist, he was a
> > philosophyst and a crank.
> > --
> > jos
> And an idiot, plagiarist, LIAR, STUPID, math moron, college drop, without
> colleagues who "dreamed" up things White men published 1-2 decades earlier,
> and never cited.
> It's truly embarassing that so many Americans bought this LIE.
> John Knight

I am utterly embarrassed for you, John.  To post in a public place
such an amazingly uninformed criticism of one of the more significant
figures of the last 500 years - truly amazing.

You speak as though the mathematics of Lorentz and company were a
complete physical theory, or, by implication, that you could with the
ease of a '12th grade girl' derive Special Relativity from similar
information.  What monumental arrogance.  I suppose Newton was a hack
because he built on Galileo, eh?

To have someone so utterly ignorant of the operating principles of
special and general relativity post this kind of 'refutation' is
absurd beyond your ability recognize, I sure, but you should try to
think about it for a while.  We have demonstrated empirically the mass
energy equivalence, the Lorentz contraction of time for moving clocks,
the general relativistic behavior of celestial bodies (notably orbital
patters not accounted for by Newtonian mechanics), and on and on.  Do
you live with your head in the sand?

Einstein, because the principles of relativity were so radical, has
been more closely scrutinized and peer reviewed by (how revolting to
distinguish) 'white' scientists than nearly any other theorist I can
think of.  I suppose it is unfortunate that the Nobel committee, when
reviewing his work on the photovoltaic principle, didn't have you to
point out 'He's a Jew!'  I'm certain they would have been so impressed
that they would have discounted the 100% accurate predictions for
photonic energy and given the prize to some 'white guy' who was more

What truly depresses me is the amount of time you have clearly spent
developing a narrative for history that justifies your irrational
childish hatred.  Just let it go.

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