brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >The jews claim that, and I quote:  "six million jews died in *the*
> >Holocaust".
> The Jews are not the only ones who claim this.
> >Do you believe this?
> Yes.
> >How could this have happened if there were half a million MORE jews after
> >WWII than before, according to their OWN statistics?
> The statistics you cite are garbage even of they actually appeared in
> a publication.
> >Do you believe the figure that the jews published in 1940 which showed
> >worldwide the population of jews was 15.3 million?
> No.  It was not possible to count people accurately in the middle of a
> major war.  Furthermore, there is no authoritative basis to say that
> "the Jews" published any figure.  Individuals who happened to be
> Jewish may have used various numbers, but they did not speak for "the
> Jews", only for themselves.

But you claim that the jews WERE able to notice that "six million jews died
in a holocaust"?

Why would you NOT believe the PUBLISHED figure, while you DO believe an
UNPUBLISHED, mythical jewish LIE?

If it's impossible to count the jews "accurately in the middle of a major
war", then HOW could they determine that six million were missing, and WHY
would you believe ANY figure?

Between 1924 and 1948, numerous publications, not the least of which is the
World Almanac, reported the worldwide population of jews to be between 15.3
and 15.8 million.  This isn't just one publication--this is dozens of
publications who all agreed on the same figures for 24 years.  Then suddenly
we're supposed to just accept "eyewitness" accounts from known LIARS and
reject the PUBLISHED, DOCUMENTED figures?  Why?

Just for grins, let's assume that the 1941 figure of 15.2 million jews in
the world was accurate, that "six million jews died in a holocaust", and
that the only reason it was estimated that there were 15.8 million jews in
1948 is that NOBODY in the entire world was aware that there were only 9.2
million jews that year--that 6.6 million jews were MISSING!!

There has never been an abundant crop of jews.  BEFORE the war, the
population of jews had already decreased by 400,000--from 15.6 million in
1924 to 15.2 million in 1941.  According to JEWISH figures, with no jews "in
the middle of a major war", the population of jews PLUNGED by almost 5
million in only 12 years--from 18.1 million in 1988 to only 13.2 million in

So by WHAT amazing jew process could the population of jews have
*skyrocketed* from 9.2 million in 1948 to 18 million only forty years later?

The answer:  it didn't.  The jews LIED, and you believed their LIES.

John Knight

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