brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sun Sep 29 08:42:09 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> No.  It was not possible to count people accurately in the middle of a
>> major war.  Furthermore, there is no authoritative basis to say that
>> "the Jews" published any figure.  Individuals who happened to be
>> Jewish may have used various numbers, but they did not speak for "the
>> Jews", only for themselves.
>But you claim that the jews WERE able to notice that "six million jews died
>in a holocaust"?

Actually, I believe that estimate was compiled by the allies, and is
partially based on Nazi documents.

>If it's impossible to count the jews "accurately in the middle of a major
>war", then HOW could they determine that six million were missing, and WHY
>would you believe ANY figure?

Because by 1948 they had better numbers, and those numbers have held
up over time despite further research.

>Between 1924 and 1948, numerous publications, not the least of which is the
>World Almanac,

Which is not a particularly useful source since almost all of its data
is copied from other sources.

Note also that the Nazi definition of "Jew" included many who were not
practitioners of the Jewish religion, whereas almanac numbers usually
count religious Jews.

>reported the worldwide population of jews to be between 15.3
>and 15.8 million.  This isn't just one publication--this is dozens of
>publications who all agreed on the same figures for 24 years.  Then suddenly
>we're supposed to just accept "eyewitness" accounts from known LIARS and
>reject the PUBLISHED, DOCUMENTED figures?  Why?

You are the known LIAR.


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