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Sundowning: Etc. and 'paranoia'

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Tue Apr 1 07:49:26 EST 2003

Further comments below [in this color]
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  "Self-Protection or Delusion? The Many Varieties of Paranoia", By RICHARD A. FRIEDMAN, M.D.


  "The paranoid subjects showed increased activity in the amygdala, a part of the brain involved in the emotional processing of fear and danger, not only in response to threatening words, but also to neutral words. Healthy people respond like this only in threatening situations."

  This is as its been discussed in AoK, Ap5, all along.

  "The implication is that the brain is responding to a nonexistent threat, at least in these paranoid schizophrenic subjects. It is like a faulty burglar alarm set off in the absence of an intruder. The paranoid patient is correctly responding to real brain activity that indicates danger, but those neural circuits have no good reason to be firing in the first place."

  There is 'good reason', but the etiology is exceedingly-unfortunate because, as the Author states, it derives not in particular 'dangers', but as a compound result of the the prevailing Humanity-wide absence-of-understanding with respect to the way nervous systems process information solely on the basis of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

  It's as I discussed in my prior post with respect to "L." and 'my' other street people, and folks, including M.D.s, that I've observed in a mental institution, and inmates in two prisons - and as is discussed in AoK, in particular, Ap8.

  The nervous systems of folks who are deemed to be 'paranoid' are analyzing the long-term-increasing-ness of the TD E/I that's occurring within them, which results, in the main, as a consequence of the fact that others, 'typically' manifest 'moving away from' behaviors when they [the others] come into the presence of the folks who're 'deemed to be paranoid'.

  It's all 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - on everyone's parts. Folks tend to 'move away from' folks 'deemed to be paranoid' because the 'paranoid' folks' behaviors tend to result in the occurrence of TD E/I(up) within others' nervous systems. And since TD E/I decreases when others do 'move away from' the 'paranoid' folks, the others experience such as 'validating' their 'decisions' to 'move away from' the 'paranoid' individuals.

  Get it?

  There's an interactive-coupling, inherent, that is just as 'delusional' ont the parts of those who 'move away from' as it is on the part of folks who are 'deemed to be paranoid' - the interactive dynamics are largely without recourse to external reality all around.

  There is one important factor that accompanies the folks who are 'deemed to be paranoid', however. The only way that they can 'move away from' the augmenting TD E/I that results from others' 'moving away from' them, is to align affect with respect to such - and this shows up in the assessments of others on the parts of folks who  are 'deemed to be paranoid'.

  This 'negative' affective alignment feeds-forward in their interactions with others, ever more strongly as long-term TD E/I augments net-monotonically.

  In the abstract, the "inward spiral" that takes form is the result of 'moving away from' "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8] all around, with the folks who are 'deemed to be paranoid' interminably getting the worst of it. [More along this line below.]

  "To make matters worse, the schizophrenic subjects also showed decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex compared with healthy people. The prefrontal cortex serves an executive function, critically evaluating signals from brain regions and shaping responses to them. So in addition to having an overactive fear circuit, these paranoid subjects have an impaired ability to judge whether their fears are rational."

  This's where the Author's analysis 'flies off the handle' because he doesn't know how nervous systems process information [to the Author, forgive me, please].

  As is explained in AoK, Ap5, the amygdalar nuclear complex is a low-'level' "supersystem configuration mechanism" that takes over control of the supersystem when TD E/I crosses a threshold that exceeds the relatively-small TD E/I(up) that nervous systems recognize as signalling the 'presence' of novelty that needs to be attended to.

  The decreased prefrontal activity is, therefore, functionality 'engineered' into nervous systems - so as to optimize "fight or flight" behaviors.

  [added 2nd time around]: and, before anybody 'buzzes' me, supersystems' 'going amygdalar' is distinct from the "hyperfrontal resting state" activation, which is the stuff of the "meta"-information processing "phases" [AoK, Ap7], and is 'normal' 'engineered' stuff. The "meta-phases" do act back upon the lower-'level' TD E/I-minimization mechanisms, and, ideally ['typically' as a result of having experienced Loving guidance] exert "prefrontal force" that elevates the low-'level' amygdalar supersystem configuration mechanism's threshold for taking over control of the supersystem.

  What happens with street folks, etc., however, is that the amygdalar supersystem configuration threshold is chronically exceeded - Lincoln commented upon his own experiencing of such when he said, "Nothing touches the tired spot." - yet no one would accuse Mr. Lincoln of being 'paranoid'.

  Such a "chronic" TD E/I(up) condition reflects a 'supersaturated' 'stalemate' among the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms. In this 'state', it's likely that there's a lot of relatively-'random' activation that is 'filtered-out' during the courses of the usual scanning techniques. [Because it is relatively-'random', the activation has the apearance of being 'weak' because there's relatively-little 'group-discipline' inherent in it - it;s "going every which way" and "loose" :-] so it's only weakly observable via techniques that are engineered to observe group-disciplined activation 'states' - 'random' activation 'goes for a walk' that carries it nowhere - this's why 'random' activation 'states', which are the exact opposite of TD E/I-minimized activation 'states', are information-processing-'bad' [they go with WDB2T, instead of against it - they 'slide-down' the WDB2T energy-gradient, rather than 'climbing-up' it. Get it? It's the same with 'randomness' regardless of the form it takes - in Maths, in computer operations, in physical reality, etc. - everywhere it occurs, to the degree that it occurs, 'randomness' is 'garbage' - waste - except that injecting 'randomness' 'jogs' the dynamics [of whatever form] so that the cynamics can, then, proceed in different ways - then, within nervous systems, TD E/I-minimization happens, and, "poof!", what was 'random' becomes integrated within order.] kpc

  And there's where the flaw inherent in the prevailing conceptualization of who is 'deemed to be paranoid' shows itself - there're are all manner of 'troublesome' people [cranky, 'prema donna' celebrities, aggressive CEOs, autocratic dictators, etc., but the 'dividing line with respect to folks' perceptions of them is whether or not they are 'powerful' or 'powerless' - think of Hitler's relationship with German Society - or Stalin's - or etc.

  And, in order to pull off the 'charade' ["Society-wide 'normal' delusion] inherent, folks've constructed a 'treatment' repetoir that, itself, has its own "affective alignment".

  The 'powerful' are 'tolerated', the 'powerless' are called 'ill'.

  There's exceedingly-Tragic stuff inherent - the 'healers' 'trap' salvagable Lives within such cut-and-dried 'diagnosis' that, when one looks, one sees derives in the mere happenstance of collectively-accumulated experience that is ignorant with respect to the way that nervous systems process information.

  "Sure, paranoid people, like the rest of us, do occasionally have enemies. But if these imaging studies are replicated, the results will mean that the real enemies of paranoid people are their own brains."


  The problem is that ignorance with respect to the way that nervous systems process information prevails, still.

  Of course, the work I do has given me a lot of first-hand experience with all that's entailed.

  Because of the work I've done, just about everyone 'moves away from' 'me' :-]

  So, I understand.

  And I find it 'hilarious' that folks 'move toward' old, long-familiar ignorance, calling such "understanding', while 'moving away from' understanding, even though all that's entailed costs Society hugely.

  But where's the 'choice' for me?

  What does one do when verified Science that acts on behalf of all of Humanity will not be published?

  One 'takes it on the chin', and does what needs to be done - which is all I'm doing in this post [and all I've ever done in all of my posts, all the while, understanding the 'costs' inherent].

  Stil, I wish there was just one person who'd say, OK, Ken, let's do Science together."

  K. P. Collins

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