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What 'TD E/I' means

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Wed Apr 2 13:03:01 EST 2003


"TD E/I" is Maths shorthand for "the Topologically-Distributed ratio
of Excitation to Inhibition".

This nomenclature is not [yet] in the 'standard' literature, but I've
verified that =all= nervous systems are structurally organized to
enable them to do one thing: minimize TD E/I. Behavior, cognition and
affect are produced only as by-products of nervous systems'
'striving' to achieve this one internal 'goal'.

Everyone's 'pissed-off' at me because I've verified that this's so.
Folks're 'pissed-off' at me because I've worked outside of 'the
system' - but their being 'pissed-off' makes no sense because 'the
system' forced me to 'work outside of it'.

Still, everyone's 'pissed-off' at me because I did this work.

Why the work I've done matters is that, because all nervous systems
do is 'blindly' and automatically 'strive' to achieve TD
E/I-minimization, folks tend to behave in ways that 'move away from'
that which is merely 'unfamiliar' within their experience - which is
why folks tend to kill one another when they encounter one another
'across' the 'borders' of relatively-mutually-exclusive experience -
which is the height of 'non-sense', but which happens be-cause folks
don't understand that all nervous systems do is 'strive', 'blindly'
and automatically to achieve TD E/I-minimization.

Basically, I've "laid down my Life" in effort to get this one thing
across to everyone - so the non-sensical killing can be at an end.

It's 'hard' because, until folks 'get-it', I am the 'target' for all
the 'blindly'-automated stuff that happens within folks nervous

That is, because I've 'stepped outside of tradition', folks
experience me as a source of TD E/I(up), and their nervous systems's
'striving' to achieve TD E/I-minimization, leads to the by-production
of behaviors that 'move away from' me.

It's something I just have to endure until folks 'get-it'.

I started this work decades ago because I wanted to do something
that'd "make the world a better place for the Children".

I Love [I 'move toward'] the welfare of the Children.

Since then, I've generalized my work, and it applies to all people,

The work is a bit 'hard' to comprehend because, to do so, requires
the transcendence of stuff that's 'normally' 'blind;y'-automated
within nervous systems, but I have an old hypertext doc that presents
the understanding adequately, and which I send to folks, gratis.
{runs under MSDOD[tm] or Windows[tm], ~350K DL, self-extracts to
about a meg, is about 114 single-spaced pages of stuff - if you want
it, send me an email and I'll send you a copy.]

cheers, ken collins

"BilZ0r" <BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote in message
news:Xns9351DC165B74BilZ0rhotmailcom at
| > You know - instead of periodically descending into slaughter as
| > current 'generation' of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimized
| > gets 'long in the tooth', and folks 'panic' with respect to the
| > "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8] inherent in the correlated
| > societies-wide TD E/I(up).
| I've been idling in the newgroup for some time, and I keep seeing
you use
| this terminology. (TD E/I, AoK, Ap8).  I'm a pharmacologist,
(although I've
| done a lot of neurosciency papers) and I'm just bout to start my
| but I've never come across those ... Acronyms? Are they standard or
| something you made up?

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