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my online 'style'

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Wed Apr 2 16:57:38 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| [...]
| | FWIW, I'm not like my online 'persona' in-person.
| | In person, I'm | | fairly 'invisible' - just 'grab TSEOTS',
| | while maintaining 'normal' inconsequential
| | interactive dynamics, 'quietly' do what needs to be
| | done, and whoever else is around usually finds
| | stuff they can do, and  that they want to do, in the
| | correlated 'direction' - the 'hard' stuff is just getting-
| | off-the mark in the 'right' direction. I'm good
| | at that one thing. Always have been - being
| | 'invisible', but 'embodying' 'the direction'. It's what
| | NDT is all about - enabling folks to See 'the
| | direction' with respect to =overall= WDB2T - it's
| | just been 'hard' to do what needs to be done in the
| | absence of in-person interaction, which is why I've
| | adopted my 'unusual' online 'style' - there's
| | 'stickiness' in-it that allows folks to 'carry' its
| | stuff with them as they go about their Living.
| |
| | It's my way of 'wrapping' the Gift.
| That, and, besides, it staves off 'boredom' [AoK,
| | Ap5, 7 & 8] within the necessarily repetitive-
| | reiteration [reiteration ^ n, where "n" is as many
| | times as is necessary] - which would, otherwise,
| | make me want to throwup :-]
| The reiteration is necessary because, since
| | experience is individually-unique, I've got to 'hunt'
| | for stuff that 'bridges' between others' experience
| | and my experience, all the while not presuming to
| | 'know' what's in other folks experience, except what's
| reified in NDT with respect to what's Common within
| | all experience.
| Some of my 'style' [including my 'not caring' about
| | 'spilling'] is a deliberate attempt to to make myself
| | 'small' - so as to minimize, where it matters [at the
| | deepest 'level'], the 'need' to 'move away
| from' - so folks'll not 'blindly' and automatically feel
| 'threatened' - so folks'll not just 'switch it off' - so folks'll
| have a chance to experience NDT's stuff.
| It's one way I use to =try= to keep stuff within the TD E/I(up)
| |  range that's acceptable within the dynamics of "curiosity"
| | [AoK, Ap5].
| [...]

=Of course= I'd've preferred to just write an 'eloquent' detaied
discussion of NDT. Of course. But, as I've explained repeatedly in
the past, such cannot be done if one cannot even get one's reference
materials out of their boxes - if one cannot afford to purchase
contemporaneous reference materials, if one cannot afford to go the
the Library, if one cannot afford to pay the purchase fees for online
material, if one cannot afford to feed and shelter one's self in a
way that allows one to organize to do the detailed thing, etc.

So I did what I could, in the only way that was open to me.

If there's been 'two'-much of my 'thumbing my nose' at 'the system'
in my online approach, I'm Sorry about that, but it's the sort of
stuff that was 'necessary' if I was to be able to just keep on
keeping on doing what needed to be done.

I tried to keep the deadly-serious stuff 'wrapped' in an inniccuous
layer of 'amusing' triviality - so that folks'd have a chance of
'getting-it' with respect to the 'deadly-serious' stuff.

Lincoln did the same sort of thing through his gift with respect to
telling funny stories, I lack that gift, so I 'wrapped' the
deadly-serious stuff in an 'amusingly'-trivial interface, for the
same purpose of allowing deadly-serious stuff to still be

It's a 'funny' "spoonful of sugar", that's all - except that, at
another level, there's meaning in all of it, too - folks who do the
work inherent will 'get-it' with respect to that stuff, too.

You know? What else could I do?

The deadly-serious stuff is deadly-serious stuff, with respect to all
of Humanity - over the years, there's been Truly-Awsome Savagery all
over the place - all of which could've been prevented if only NDT's
stuff had been generally communicated and understood.

The fact that I've been held 'powerless' doesn't, somehow,
'transform' the deadly-serious stuff against which NDT stands into
'triviality', does it? Nope. Nor does it 'excuse' me from the
Responsibility inherent in the fact that I do understand.

It's been a Burtal 'existence' for me.

But I've never stopped trying to do what needed to be done, despite
the Brutality that literally attacked me in a 'blindly'-automated
attempt to prevent NDT's understanding from coming forward.

Sadly, it seems I will 'stop' in a matter of days, and all the work
I've done will be lost.

This will not have occurred through my Choice.

Anyway, folks who want to 'blame' my 'style' for this or that are
free to do so, even though doing so is non-sensical in light of the
deadly-serious stuff against which NDT stands - and in light of all
the 'obsticals' thrown into the path of the possibility of NDT's
understanding's coming forward.

I've done what I could although I've had only my own samll resources
through which to do it.

'Kicking and fussing' and 'jumping up and down' all the while because
of what was plain-as-day Outrageously-Hippocritical on the part of
all that's 'blindly'-automated within 'the system', and which is,
itself, explained in AoK.

What does one do when folks refuse to read, and comprehend, what's
right-there to read?

One understands, and does what needs to be done, anyway.

[One more thing with respect to the stuff of this 'sundowning'
thread. Perhaps some of what's been discussed aplies to me, but, in
the main, what's been going one with me is "rendering useless" [AoK,
Ap8] with respect to my hope that I'd receive this year's Templeton -
it would've allowed me to rewrite AoK in a detailed way. I was
'outraged' at the hurried launching of the War against Iraq - 'cause,
although folks in 'government' profess 'ignorance' with respect to
NDT's understanding, it's just not possible that they do, in fact,
remain 'ignorant'. It was in my Responsibilities under The
Constitution of The United States of America that I not leave them
'ignorant', and I did not.

As I've explained in the past, I routinely work until I'm too 'tired'
to work. My 'sleep' cycle, therefore, rotates around the clock as I
try to do as much as I can before 'sleeping'.

It's been 'amusing' to witness folks 'experimenting' in this thread.
As always, I've just met such with attempts to let NDT's stuff
shine-through - while also trying to 'shake-off', from my Being, the
ramifications of the hurtfulness inherent.

Good grief! If folks're 'curious' with respect to 'me', folks should
just meet with me in-person, so that we can share interaction - as
Human Beings can easily do.]

K. P. Collins

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