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Sundowning: severe dementia and bringing on the night (corticosterone increases aggression in the rat)

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Wed Apr 2 22:37:32 EST 2003

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| I'm sorry, but WHAT? I consider myself a smart man, I've read up on
| cognitive neuroscience, and I've done a lot of neurobiology, and
I'm damn
| sure I know more physics than whoever wrote that. I don't see what
| 2nd law of thermodynamics (if thats what 2nd thermo is) has to do
| learing. The majority of energy consumed in by the brain is
involved in
| apposing the 2nd law of thermodynamics

'Climbing' the WDB2T energy-gradient is "opposing" WDB2T -
'swimming'-upstream in it.

| This paragraph:
| " Through TD E/I-minimization, nervous systems converge upon
|   affect, and behavior that 'climbs' the WDB2T energy-gradient,
|   is functional because 'climbing' the WDB2T energy-gradient
|   Life to 'move toward' increasing energy abundance."
| I still don't know what TD E/I is, but I'm sure it dosn't matter
| as it hasn't been published and is the topic of conversation in
| made up newsgroup,

There are neurons that manifest impulse activity. With respect to
such, if an impulse generates increased activation, it is
"excitatory". If it generates decreased activation, it's

Within the nervous system, neurons are organized in a rigorously
topologically-distributed fashion. A tract, for instance, might
'twist' around as it travls into the nervous system so that the
neighborhood relationships among the neurons comprising the tract at
the body-environment interface [say the skin] get turned upside-down
en masse. This sort of thing happens commonly within the neural
Topology, and is what enables various 'areas' of the nervous system
to interact gracefully [with optimal efficiency] - which is important
because 'graceful' neural activation correlates with minimal response
latencies, which correlates to enhanced survival propensity.

Such Topological structure is, itself, an instance of TD
E/I-minimization because, if it didn't happen, there'd be the need
for mor-complex interconnectednessm say, via a set of interneurons
that 'bridge' the non-topologically-aligned structure to create a
version of the 'graceful' Topology, but in which all pathways have
increased length.

Increased path length = lengthened response latencies and reaction
'times', so this 'bridged'-by-interneurons Topology can't compete
with the 'gracefully'-aligned neural Topology, because the 'graceful'
neural Topology always works faster - which is why the 'graceful'
neural Topology became ubiquitous during the course of evolutionary

All of the above applies in the abstract with respect to excitation
and inhibition -minimization of the ratio of excitation to inhibition
reduces response latencies and reaction 'times' allowing a system
which performs such minimization to out-compete any system that does

Put all of this together and you get Topologically-Distributed
minimization of the ratio of Excitation to Inhibition - TD E/I(min).

| But even still, but minimizing it, that makes the CNS
| congitiant?

Yes - Cognizant.

| What is the 2nd law of thermodyamics have to do with energy
| gradients? Sure it can't be applied to them, but there is no 2nd
law of
| thermodynamics energy gradient!

There is. The order differential inherent in WDB2T is. itself, an

All that stuff that flows from high concentration through a
semi-permeable barrier to low concentration does is follow the WDB2T
energy-gradient, until 'equilibrium' is 'reached' ['equilibrium' is
never actually attained because WDB2T is ubiquitous, everywhere
within physical reality, 'going' in the one direction - evaporation,
heat radiation, the heat radiation that underpins condensation, etc.
WDB2T is always in-there, everywhere within physical reality..

Folks 'jump through hoops' to explain it but all it is is stuff
'going with the energy-flow that's inherent in the WDB2T
energy -gradient.

Evolutionary dynamics 'engineered' nervous systems in rigorous accord
with WDB2T be-cause WDB2T is everywhere within physical reality.

| And changing it dosn't have anything to
| do with moving toward anything.

Nervous systems don't "change" WDB2T. They 'take advantage' of it.

|The brain could theoretically work with
| almost no entropy change.

Not True.

| Life dosn't move toward anything, and it
| certainly dosn't move toward energy abundance, if anything life
| the amount of free energy in a system.

That Life 'climbs' the WDB2T energy-gradient doesn't mean that Life
doesn't 'consume' useable energy. Life does, which is why Life =must=
'move toward' increasing energy abundance [relative to energy within
itself] - if it doesn't, Life ceases via energy-depletion.

If you doubt, stop eating [don't really :-]

During the course of evolutionary dynamics, nervous systems 'got-it'
with respect to 'food', and generalized the same stuff within their

| and stop citing your own unpublished works, its unproffesional.

I'm an Amateur, anyway. My work is 'correct'. It's not published.
What would you have me do?

ken collins

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