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Sundowning: severe dementia and bringing on the night (corticosterone increases aggression in the rat)

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| > Oh, and the path the IV and the VIII cranial nerves?
| I agree that IV looks like an afterthought, but what about VIIIth's
| It's just about straight to the brainstem, isn't it? Or did you
mean VII,
| which does have a strange path, doing a little loop-the-loop near
the middle
| ear.

I want to work elsewhere tonight, so I'm not going to look it up, but
my experience is that in all such instances of loop-the-loop neural
Topology, what's happening is are structural embodiments of
fiber-termination-distribution alignment with respect to facilitation
of TD E/I-minimization. Many examples of such from _Human
Neuroanatomy_, by Carpenter and Sutin, are listed in the Proof of the
existence of nervous systems "special topological homeomorphism" in
AoK, Ap3.

A general low-level case is with respect to spinal reflexes, in which
the "pain" fibers take a long route around the dorsl horn in order to
realign their fiber-termination distribution so that their activation
results in the 'inverse' activation of the local musculature - which
facilitates the "withdrawal response" [in NDT: 'moving away from']
with respect to noxious stimulation.

I've yet to find any loop-the-loop neural architecture that is not a
version of these simple considerations.

As I've explained in the past [and in AoK, Ap3], I saw, in the
ubiquity of such within the neural Topology, that NDT's position with
respect to TD E/I-minimization stood [stands] Proven.

Cheers, Didier, ken

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