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TD E/I-minimization & WDB2T

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Subject: TD E/I-minimization & WDB2T
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> I don't talk about "the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics". I talk about
> what's =described= by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics" [WDB2T], and
> that's the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder, which is
> physically-real energy-flow which has its energy-gradient which
> permeates all of physical reality.
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That WDB2T constitutes a physically-real energy flow is why it's
impossible to construct any 'perpetual motion machine'.

If WDB2T were only a statistical-theoretical thing, as it's described
in the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, then it'd be 'possible', in
principle, to construct machines that produced more energy than they
consume - 'perpetual motion' - all one would have to do is design the
machine so that it'd 'filter' that which the statistics describe -
like "Maxwell's daemon", so as to extract energy in the rarified
realms of the statistical distribution. It's easy to do this on
paper, but impossible in physical reality. This means that the 2nd
Law of Thermodynamics doesn't actually describe physical reality.

It's close, but the underpinning physical reality that's described by
statistical 2nd Thermo is a Deterministic physically-real
energy-flow - so, while a statistical approach can model it's
behavior, being able to approximate it within such a model doesn't
dictate to physical reality what physical reality 'must' be.

It's why I always discuss "what's =described= by 2nd Thermo" [WDB2T],
not 2nd Thermo itself. The former is a physically-real energy-flow,
the latter is 'just' Maths.

This's important because, working backward through the Neuroscience,
all Maths can be rigorously correlated with WDB2T's Determinism.

That is, Truth with respect to physical reality can be mapped via

This's what's referred to in AoK, Ap10 as "a beginning in a promising

I've worked through all of Physics [Chemistry, etc.] in the
correlated way.

Which is why I have to say that I've not yet crossed the 10% 'point'
in communication stuff that's already been worked out.

The other 90% can't even be seen by folks who've not come up to speed
with respect to the 10%.

Soon, the 90% will be lost - if no one will help me find a way to
stay alive.

All I want to do is to work more. Is it too much to hope for? Room
and board, nearby a good Library is all I need. Is that too much?

K. P. Collins

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