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KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri Apr 4 07:09:27 EST 2003

Hi Dag.

"Dag Stenberg" <dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi.invalid> wrote in
message news:b6jq7s$cht$1 at oravannahka.helsinki.fi...
| In bionet.neuroscience KP-PC <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%>
| > Also, I've got a 'thing' with respect to folks who post into
| > news groups via "hotmail"-type email accounts. Too 'cheap' with
| > respect to the costs inherent in 'moving toward' Truth, and, as
| > as I'm concerned, Science is no-holds-barred Honoring of Truth -
| > folks who 'count the costs' place themselves outside of Science.
| Well, I do everything through my university account (which I do not
| anything for), even if it relates to my hobbies, so you should
| me for that too.

No. What I was referring to as "cheap with respect to the costs
inherent in 'moving toward' Truth" is that, one who uses an
'anonymous' ID can say anything and such'll carry no costs with
respect to his actual relationship to what he's said.

To me, such is unthinkable with respect to one's relationship to

".edu" IDs are, of course, above all that. I wish I had one myself,
and as far as monetery costs are concerned, it's superfluous [except
if someone's using someone else's account], and an Honorable use of
the 'acoutrements' of a Professional position [I wish I had one of
these, too].

I wasn't talking about $. It's my 'ferral' use of 'language' 'biting
my butt' :-]

Sorry about the lack of clarity in my post. Thanks for posting a msg
that allowed me to remove it.

[Since you brought up $ - I'm not 'against' it. I just try not to
allow it to 'steer' my course - determine what I'll say and do. As a
result, I'll soon be homeless, laying in a wooded area, starving. Or,
if I'm 'lucky', being arrested as a 'vagrant' :-] I can't find
employment - but I'll still not allow $ to steer my course. I've been
'begging'. No one seems to care that the Science will be lost. So, if
no one'll hire me, so I can pay my own way, and no one'll receive my
research materials, what can I do other than Honor folks inherent
Choice? As far as I'm concerned, being Free to lay in a wooded place,
starving, will be a step-up from the 'Hell' of my decades of
struggling to bring NDT's understanding into existence, while
witnessing it being abused in all manners of ways - by folks who'd
just as soon allow me to starve. [I know folks think I've got an
'attitude problem', but I've just taken almost all of what's happened
on the chin - nobody else knows about most of what's transpired -
which is probably why the 'consensus' with respect to 'me' is as it
is - my death will be 'convenient' - but, my gosh! such hurts like
the 'Hell'. It's so 'funny'. At great personal cost, I've brought all
of this Science into Being, and because, during my long-long-ago
efforts reaching out on behalf of the Science, folks 'borrowed' it,
instead of doing what's supposed to be done with a fellow Scientist's
work, the more I do, the more 'paranoid', and 'afraid' of what they
'think' will happen if ever I'm allowed to take credit, Publicly, for
the work I've done, folks become, and the more folks 'move away from'
'me'. It's 'hilarious', really. "Oh well." Sad...]]

...Cheers, Dag, ken

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