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Sundowning: severe dementia and bringing on the night (corticosterone increases aggression in the rat)

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sat Apr 5 05:16:11 EST 2003

Honestly, the way it looks to me is that I'm just another victim of
the World Trade Center terrorism.

After that happened, folks realized that they'd been remiss with
respect to my predictions with respect to populations-wide increasing

Now, everybody's just 'covering their butts' because they're 'afraid'
of being 'exposed'.

But, while I do speak-out, routinely, with respect to the general
dynamics, it's not my purpose to 'expose' folks.

Then there're the 'greed'-driven folks, who, for one reason or the
other, want the work, but want more that I have no 'voice' with
respect to it.

AoK's Epilogue has been in-there, all along, for these folks'
benefit - but they still don't get-it.

And, still, the senseless Slaughter that's Dictated to Humanity by
'the beast', 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left
uncomprehended, continues to augment - heading in a 'blind'-TD
E/I-minimization-Dictated way toward the non-Survival of Humanity as
weapons of mass destruction proliferate and as modern means of
communication thrusts folks into virtual interaction across the
boundaries of relatively-mutually-exclusive experience

For myself, I'd hoped to have a Family, but my 'Family' has been
denied me - my Children will never be born - ano, all I want to do is

Is that 'too-much' to ask for?


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