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Sundowning: severe dementia and bringing on the night (corticosterone increases aggression in the rat)

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sat Apr 5 22:39:57 EST 2003

You know?

Look at it from my perspective. I've worked devotedly, only to be
completely ostracized by the folks whose work my work Honors.

The result is that, like Galileo, I'm subjected to 'house arrest'
that will soon literally kill all that I am - all the work that I've
done on behalf of Science and understanding among Humans.

And folks in the Community of Science 'condone' such by refusing to
meet with me in person to simply do Science.

It's not Science that determines such - not Truth - but only the very
thing with which NDT deals - 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
deriving in the stuff that's coersed upon Members of the Community of

Peter's recent discussion's emphasis upon Free WIll is pertinent.

The Members of the Community of Science have forsaken their Free
Wills as a 'prerequisite' of 'membership' within the Community of

Can I state it more plainly?

What's the 'problem'? With its vast armada, why is is that 'science's
'moving away from' dealing with NDT is so 'perfect'?

Why not just meet, in person, on the battle field of Truth?

The answer is one thing that has also been in AoK all along.

Look at it from my perspective, and you'll see that 'science' is
doing to me the exact-same-stuff that 'the church' did to Galileo,
and which 'science' so disdainfully 'protests' [because 'science'
remains more wanting to achieve 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization than it wants to 'move toward' Truth.]

If nothing breaks-through this morass, I'll soon perish at the hands
of 'science' - and Science stands by and watches as such procedes?

You know?

K. P. Collins

"Didier A. Depireux" <didier at tango.isr.umd.edu> wrote in message
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| In bionet.neuroscience KP-PC <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%>
| > I've reached out to Academia all across the U.S.
| Your stuff is right up the alley of the http://mum.edu/ people. In
| particular their Brain Research Institute's work is at about your
level, too
| hard for us average academics to grasp.
| http://brainresearchinstitute.org/
| Didier
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