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Memorise This! - A symposium on Learning and Memory

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Sun Apr 6 01:50:58 EST 2003

Hi, I'd really like to attend your Conference, but cannot afford to
go across my own town, so, instead, I offer you this:

Here are some questions to ask the Speakers:

1. Ask John H. Byrne to explain why, if the hippocampus is an 'organ
of memory', when the hippocampi are lesioned, the organism can still
recall formerly established memories [while not being able to
permanently store and retrieve memories post-lesion].

2. Ask Thomas J. Carew, Ph.D. to show cross-correlated activation
traces for all excitatory and inhibitory 'events' within a
learning-correlated neural activation 'state' within Aplysia, and to
explain why the always observable minimization of the ratio of
excitation to inhibition hasn't been recognized as a fundamental
ordering principle.

3. Ask Ronald L. Davis, Ph.D. to describe the gross Drosophila
'nervous system' structural deviations, relative to 'normals', that
result from dunce, rutabaga and DCO gene modifications. If this
comparison has not been accomplished, ask him why not.

4. Ask Mark Gluck, Ph.D. the same question as in 1.

5. - 13. Ask analogous questions.

I've 'abandoned' what I was going to do - provide questions for each
of the Speakers at your Conference - because, when I follow the
links, I keep coming up with 'blank pages' [which is what usually
happens no matter where 'I' go on the WWW.]

"Oh well."

The gist of my 'questions' was to be a drawing of attention to the
fact that folks've been staring the Answer in the face, without
recognizing it.

ken collins

"Giorgio" <giorgiogilestro at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:b5184a78.0304050451.24774d2e at posting.google.com...
| The abilty to learn and remember is vital to an inquisitive mind.
| As PhD students we want to find out more about how the mind works.
| We are happy to invite you to join us for "Memorise this!" a
| on learning and memory, to be held here in the Vienna Biocenter
| 30th - 31st May 2003.
| Top researchers using a variety of methods and model organisms will
| come to share their latest findings and insights. Each talk will
| include a general introduction to open the subject to
| There will be seven talks on Friday 30th and six on Saturday 31st,
| followed by an added dimension talk and a party to close the
| symposium.
| If you are interested in how information is stored and retrieved,
| the role played by sleep, in computer modelling of
| diseases and much more, then join us in Vienna this May.
| For further information on speakers, registration, programme
| etc please explore our website further.
| Hoping to see you here!
| The Organising Committee
| Memorise This!
| http://www.imp.univie.ac.at/events/memory

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