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Sundowning: severe dementia and bringing on the night (corticosterone increases aggression in the rat)

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sun Apr 6 05:05:30 EST 2003

And, once again, I'm =NOT= 'singling-out' Academia - the underpinning
problem is with respect to all of Humanity, because it's a functional
deficit that exists within all nervous systems that do not understand
the way that 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization literally
Dictates 'volitional', cognitive, behavioral  and affective
by-products, not with respect to Truth, but with respect to TD
E/I-minimization's experientially-delimited 'window' on physical
reality - which can be anything, as long as it's 'reinforced' through
recurring relatively-consistent experiencing of it --> TD
E.I-minimization occurs with respect to it, and the nervous system in
question, be it within the host organism of a Government Official,
Businessman, Cleric, Academician, Scientist, Manual Laborer, etc.,
treats it as if it were "Truth" - but all it is is that which remains
after TD E/I-minimization has been converged upon - which can be
=anything= that's merely 'coersed' within groups.

So I don't single-out =anybody=.

That against which I stand - 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization - is an equal-opportunity Ravager of =each= of
Humanity's individuals - I'm talking to everyone, in equal measure.

I do, however, reach out to Science and Academia, in particular,
because their experience includes the necessary information content
to the fullest extent.

It's why I've looked to Science and Academia with respect to lifting
up the rest of Humanity out of 'the beast's grasp.

That, and because all I've done is that which Science and Academia
Profess to do.

I'm just asking that Science and Academia Honor their own Professed

You know?

ken collins

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:4%Mja.47686$ja4.2983753 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| Very 'funny'.
| The main thing that makes NDT's position 'difficult' for folks who
| pursue the 'traditional' approach to Neuroscience is that they will
| not meet with me in person to hear, discuss and challenge, an
| overview of its fundamental principles, given all at once, of a
| piece, integrated, with a simultaneous opportunity for me to
| challenges on the spot.
| What's been going on, instead, is that folks in Academia have
| countered the TD E/I(up) that the relative 'unfamiliarity' of NDT's
| stuff causes them to experience within their nervous systems, with
| behavior that minimizes TD E/I via that ;blindly' and automatically
| 'moves away from' NDT's stuff.
| Which is 'humorous' because. as is briefly explained in AoK, Ap10,
| such heaps substantiation upon NDT's stuff.
| All that's happening is 'blindly'-automated nervous system
| energydynamics that are =exactly= analogous to what happened to
| Galileo via the Inquisition - only, in my case, it's the Community
| Science that's the analogue of 'the church' in Galileo's case.
| There are =huge= Errors that are acquiesed tp by Members of the
| Community of Science because, in order to become a Member,
| individuals are required to render themselves 'subservient' to
| coersed consensus in which the Errors are 'blindly' perpetuated.
| All of the Errors to which I refer derive in the 'blind'
| carrying-forward of ancient conceptualizations that became
| established in circumstances that could not see beyond the confines
| of overly-narrow personal experience.
| Perhaps the greatest such Error derives in Darwin's work which has
| such enormous 'staying-power' because it 'sanctions'
| 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.
| The result is that Humanity has been 'blinded' to the fact that
| 'pursuing self-interest' thwarts the actualization of
| across Humanity - because 'blindly'-automated pursuit of
| 'self-interest' creates a condition in which one person's TD
| E/I(down) 'blindly' and automatically imposes TD E/I(up) upon other
| persons, and, as the others pursue TD E.I-minimization, such
| TD E/I(up) back upon the first person[s] - which, at best,
| 'stalemates' Humanity's progress, and, more-probably [as is the
| across Humanity as I write this] results in TD E/I
| augmenting, interminably across Humanity.
| It all stands Verified, it's all easy to comprehend through
| to the Proven Neuroscience experimental results, but Academia
| 'blindly' and automatically 'moves away from' it because, given the
| coersed-consensus 'dues' that have to be 'paid' as the 'admission
| fee' to gein membership within the Community of Science, Truth
| results in the occurrence of TD E/I(up) within the Members nervous
| systems.
| Very 'funny'.
| Cheers, Didier.
| ken
| "Didier A. Depireux" <didier at tango.isr.umd.edu> wrote in message
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| | In bionet.neuroscience KP-PC
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| wrote:
| |
| | > I've reached out to Academia all across the U.S.
| |
| | Your stuff is right up the alley of the http://mum.edu/ people.
| | particular their Brain Research Institute's work is at about your
| level, too
| | hard for us average academics to grasp.
| | http://brainresearchinstitute.org/
| |
| | Didier
| |
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