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Sundowning: severe dementia and bringing on the night (corticosterone increases aggression in the rat)

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Mon Apr 7 09:33:09 EST 2003

I mean, are folks =wanting= to remain 'blind'?

I mean, are folks so devoid of understanding with respect to that
which fairly oozes from all of the top-notch sources of News?

Can folks actually not 'see' what's right there to see?

People - our fellow brothers and sisters in Humanity are being
Ravaged all over the place for =one= reason - =be-cause= the way
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization that's converged upon during
the courses of relatively-mutually-exclusive experience has not been
generally comprehended.

Forgive me, but if anyone in Neuroscience cannot see that they have
Obligation with respect to such, give it up, find another Profession,
and get your do-nothingness our from between Truth and those who
suffer and die =be-cause= you are turning your backs - 'moving away
from' carrying our your Responsibilities.

And if you still can't see it, but want to see it, then let me come
to stand before any gathering of Neuroscientists that you wish to

Lock the doors - nobody leaves until every question is dealt with to
everyone's satisfaction.

If we fail to do this it is =us= who are culpable in the Slaughter.

What is the 'problem' that all of Neuroscience 'moves away' from the
work of an Amateur.

Gather your strength. Deal with the simple Truth, stated above,
verified over and over again over the course of these ten years,
right here in your electronic 'presence', or close your doors and 'go

It's not acceptable that you will not do Science as Science is done -
right in the light of day - in-person - nothing hidden - nothing
untested - nothing unargued.

For goodness' sake! People are dying because you folks won't consider
anything that wasn't coersed upon you in grad school.

You know?

If it Slaughters folks, even though it's dear to you, it must be

Or shall you Choose to remain in Darkness - subservient to 'the
beast', Abstract Ignorance?

You are better than that.

I know your work.

K. P. Collins

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:GG7ka.49193$ja4.3111491 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| Peter, you're saying is that, if it's difficult, then it dosen't
| to be done.
| Which is verifiably-False.
| I understand all of the 'baggage' that's heaped upon one who, in
| midst of consensual 'stagnation', says, "Still it moves."
| But, "Still it moves."
| To 'deny' that which I see with my own eyes is not something that I
| do - which is probably why I see that, "Still it moves."
| Life isn't about 'cowering' before 'the system' so that 'the
| will not kill you.
| Life is about Living, and, if I see that folks suffer and die, and
| knowing why, abandon their much greater suffering to 'conform' to
| 'blindly'-automated dictates of 'the system', so that I'll not
| suffer, then I'm already 'dead', aren't I?
| Yup.
| You advise me to 'die' - just because the matter before us is
| difficult.
| I Choose Life, not only for myself, but for those who suffer and
| because 'the system' is Victimized by that which I stand against.
| I Choose Life even on behalf of those so Victimized.
| All the rest of what you've posted in your reply is 'curmudgeon'
| stuff - heaping up of thinly-veiled negative sanction that, itself.
| 'blindly' and automatically 'moves toward' acquiescence to that
| Ravages Humanity.
| Gees, Peter, we're way, way, way beyond all that.
| The matter is just difficult.
| That cannot be allowed to be the Determining thing.
| "Still it moves.'
| I'll not cower before it.
| K. P. Collins
| "Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
| news:Jj5ka.206$2y1.2813 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
| | Hi Ken
| |
| | They way I see your problem is not that it is about what you have
| written or
| | even how you present and push it, but _that your urge to do so is
| so strong
| | that you seem to (by what you have told us) ruin your life,
| including
| | financially, just to for the sake of keeping on pushing against a
| proven
| | brick-wall.
| |
| | I am sure you have a good idea of what brain and
| personal-historical
| | dynamics produces symptoms covered by the term neurosis; and THAT
| when a
| | person is still more "out of (self-regulatory) control" [or, IOW,
| when the
| | quantity of pain in the Actention Selection System (~= brain) is
| severe
| | that an individual's AEVASIVE survival strategies clearly starts
| crumble]
| | then psychological symptoms roughly covered by the term psychosis
| "start to
| | poke, paranoically, up their by torment twisted heads"
| put
| | :->).
| |
| | Clearly, your early life-circumstances put specific CURSES [or
| specific
| | locales of "primal pain", "traumatic memories", and "engrams" (I
| list the
| | last ~synonym~ reluctantly, because it is a word specifically in
| use amongst
| | Scientologists)] into your brain.
| |
| | These CURSES (originally environmentally caused by specific
| "selective
| | Hibernation imploring type situations" (or from simple to complex
| ditto
| | "stressors")) can be described as the most centrally significant
| chronic
| | insidious quasi-endogenous causes of "precisely neuroanatomically
| localized
| | places of "covert" TD E/I (up).
| | IOW (again making use of your vocabulary and visualizing
| vantage-point), by
| | pain-"gating" mechanisms imperfectly "covered TD E/I up".
| | :-)
| |
| | So find a way to make money, eat well (boost your intake of good
| nutrients),
| | find a diverting hobby.
| |
| | And if you then can afford to have a "free will" to do Primal
| Therapy
| | (www.primaltherapy.com), I would then be able to sincerely say to
| you: "You
| | made a good choice!".
| |
| | After you have sorted things out in such ways, you would be much
| more free
| | to forage into the field of neuropsychophysiological
| and to do
| | so much more effectively -- if it WOULD still tickle your fancy.
| |
| | And, IMO, there is a fair chance that it would. :-)
| |
| | Best wishes,
| | P
| |
| |

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