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Basic Neuron Questions

Neo neo55592 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 7 12:53:15 EST 2003

> > 1. What is the average refractory period (the duration a neuron needs
> > to recover before being able to create a successive action potential)?
> > 2. If neurons were arranged linearly, approximately how neurons will a
> > signal have traveled thru during an average refractory period? TIA
> The ABSOLUTE refractory period is between 4 and 5ms...
> unmylinated neuron the AP ...about a 10th of an inch. 
> mylinated neuron ...about half a meter.

Thanks, my question was in context to neurons in the cerebral cortex.
I wanted to know if a signal from a neuron could theoretically travel
to all other neurons in the cerebral cortext within the refractory

Also, in the cerebral cortex, how common is it for a neuron in a chain
to loop back to the 2nd neuron prior to itself? Suppose N1 -> N2 -> N3
-> N4. Does N3 commonly connect back to N1, does N4 commonly connect
back to N2, etc.

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