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I got hit in the head what do I do now

dolbowent dolbowent at cox.net
Tue Apr 8 08:41:29 EST 2003

To whom it may concern,

We are writing this letter to you on behalf of Mr. Michael Dolbow to ask for
your assistance to aid him in a time of need. Last year, Mr. Dolbow had an
accident in which he suffered severe neurological damage and memory loss. He
requires several tests and neurological exams, and making ends meet has been
extremely difficult since the accident. He has a wife and two young children
as well as his retired father to care for, and is at the point where ends
will no longer come together. If he does not receive help immediately, his
family will loose their house and car and be forced out onto the street.
Before His accident, Mr. Dolbow had a very successful D.J. entertainment
business, and was a highly active member of his community. Mr. Dolbow
volunteered his D.J. services to such causes as H.A.B.I.T.A.T. for humanity,
12 step anonymous programs, "Gear Up" (which is Palomar Colleges' program
that helps prepare Jr. High and High school kids for college), and did shows
for church youth programs and organizations. Also, he was a participant in
the D.J. coalition against drugs and violence towards women and children in
music; giving speeches and lectures to teach parents how to educate their
children as to some of the more explicit lyrics and content found in music
today. The coalition was one of the major organizations that lobbied for,
and was successful in having the parental advisory label put on the cover of
albums with such explicit content. Also of note, he was the first D.J. to
play radio-edited music at youth functions.
Mr. Dolbow personally produced a techno CD whose proceeds went to aid the
families of the September eleventh terrorist attacks in New York. He was
also instrumental in organizing a tribute concert for the men and women of
fire and law enforcement who volunteered to go to New York after the
September eleventh tragedy.
He was the founder of EternalHope.com, a Christian based organization that
helped to give youths a safe alternative to the dangerous rave environment.
He was also the creator of "Rap Off," a program that helped to curb violence
between inner city gangs, the motto of "Rap Off" being, "Fight with music
and words, not weapons."
He made the local news for volunteering to rebuild school equipment and
computers for a special education school that was horribly vandalized (as
seen in the video presentation that accompanies this letter); and rallied to
help save budget cuts for Palomar colleges' disadvantaged students.
These are several of the many accomplishments Mr. Dolbow has made for the
community prior to his accident. Now Mr. Dolbow would request some help from
the community to which he has mad so many contributions. We are sending this
letter and attached video presentation in hopes that you might be able to
help raise donations so that Michael can get the help and treatment he needs
in order to once again become an active member of the community that he so
greatly cares for.

Everyone has been saying "let the other guy help him" Well nothing is
getting done for this guy and this is getting serious. Please if you can
please help him. We are offering you for every $1 you give you will get a $2
lean on his case. You will get paid before he does when the case gets
settled. This is to save his life! Please help him.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or would like to help
or contribute to the "Friends of Mike Dolbow" fund raising organization,
please call 760-941-7101, or visit savemike.com for further information. All
serious inquires will get the lawyers phone number to verify info and get
the lean drawn up for them.

      Friends of Mike Dolbow

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