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> > Also, in the cerebral cortex, how common is it for a neuron in a chain
> > to loop back to the 2nd neuron prior to itself? Suppose N1 -> N2 -> N3
> > -> N4. Does N3 commonly connect back to N1, does N4 commonly connect
> > back to N2, etc.
> I doubt anyone knows the answer to that question in any detail. For any
> projection, you have a back-projection. For instance, for primary sensory
> areas, the number of fibers projecting from cortex back to thalamus is
> 10 times the number of projections from thalamus to cortex (but the
> projections back to thalamus are thin fibers).
> We are pretty sure you have a closed look if you include reticulum in your
> loops, but that's not part of neocortex.
> Look at the article
> "On the Dimensionality of Cortical Graphs "
> on
> it's an interesting read that addresses your question in a statistical
> sense.
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