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Information-content Encoding via 'work' [the End of Darwin's Position]

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Wed Apr 9 15:13:43 EST 2003

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| [...]
| But the simple stuff discussed here is
| =all= of Biology.
| All of Life does the same stuff. Bacteria
| 'know' the direction of this or that nutrient
|concentration gradient through the work-
| encoded information-content inherent in
| their sans-nervous-system 'td e/i-minimiz-
| ation' - they literally 'climb' the WDB2T
| energy-gradient to find 'food'.
| [...]

Because of these easy-to-study bacterial chemotaxis energydynamics,
probably the best =first= way to study information-content via work
would be to debelop a mirco-fMRI thecnique - a scaled-down-in-size
but scaled-up-insensitivity version of existing fMRI scanners - it
would be an fMRI 'microscope'.

Then put a bacterium in-there, and carefully control the nutrient
concentration gradient that it experiences.

As data accumulates, the always-down-hill-ness of the bacterial
energydynamics would become clearly apparent.

That is, the internal molecular cascade would 'invert' with respect
to positive and negative nutrient concentration gradients. This'd
allow such cascades to be classified with respect to the WDB2T
energy-gradient - and all of the molecular 'switches' within them to
be hierarchically ordered with respect to WDB2T.

All of the bacterial protein-folding dynamics, as they were discussed
in my former msgs dealing with 3-D energydynamics, would be
observable - one could look right into the 3-D energydynamics of the
DNA, and when one does, one will see molecular constituents [enzymes,
etc.] 'shuttling' in and out of the always-down-hill-ness with
respect to WDB2T.

This problem is easy to study because the bacterium's local WDB2T can
be rigorously controlled by just controlling the nutrient
concentration gradient.

It'd all be interesting, but of particular interest would be the
molecular cascades correlated to the bacterium's "inversion" from
ordered activation of its flagella to disordered activation of its
flagella - these would present a vivid picture of work-encoded
information-content - the work-encoded automation of  'knowing'.

It's be-cause all of Biology is rigorously ordered with respect to
WDB2T that all of this is possible, and will be accomplished.

Then Mlecular Biology will become Real.

[Forgive me, please, for saying it plain.]

Cheers, K. P. Collins

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