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Information-content Encoding via 'work' [the End of Darwin's Position]

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Wed Apr 9 22:36:22 EST 2003

"biological mass" [AoK, Ap5 - the mocroscopic trophic modifications
that occur within the neural Topology] is literally stored work. The
inertia that "biolgical mass" exerts within the neural Topology is
what 'steers' post-'learning' neural activation so that the
'learning' is manifested within the behaviroal by-products of TD

The inertia of biological mass is rigorously correlated to sum(force
* distance) [over the course of experience] that the biological mass
embodies - which is why old 'learning' tend to be most durable -
'traumatic neural activation, if focused in a relatively-ordered TD
E/I-minimization 'direction' can exert great sum(force * distance)
within relatively-short 'time', and can, therefore, 'override'
long-enduring biological mass and it's correlated behaviroal inertia.
[It's not 'time', but the slope of the 'traumatic' energy-gradient
that determines these relative-power considerations.]

Get it?

re. the "always-down-hill-ness" - as I discussed in long-former msgs,
such applies to intermediate-step stuff, and includes metabolic
function which itself is inherently 'downhill' with respect to
WDB2T - [remember? in protein-folding, for instance, an enzyme is
'attracted' to the 3-D energydynamic that is the
in-the-process-of-folding protein-precurser stuff, and, as the enzyme
comes into play, the merged enzyme-protein-precursor 'state's energy
dynamics get a downhill boost, and as the protein-precursor folds a
bit more, it's energydynamics 'get over the hump' that made the
enzyme necessary, the proteing-precursor's energydynamics become
inherently 'downhill' again, which causes the catalyst [the enzyme]
to be 'spit-out' because its relationship with the folded 'state' of
the protein precursor has become 'uphill' with respect to WB2T -
reiterate until the finished protein is produced] through such
always-downhill intermediate 'steps', the overall construction of
biological mass goes 'uphill' enabling such system constitunts to
'climb' the WDB2T energy-gradient - the intermediate-step stuff is
analogous to myriad 'workers' who work for their metabolic [nutrient]
'paychecks' :-]

K. P. Collins

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| | [...]
| | But the simple stuff discussed here is
| | =all= of Biology.
| |
| | All of Life does the same stuff. Bacteria
| | 'know' the direction of this or that nutrient
| |concentration gradient through the work-
| | encoded information-content inherent in
| | their sans-nervous-system 'td e/i-minimiz-
| | ation' - they literally 'climb' the WDB2T
| | energy-gradient to find 'food'.
| | [...]
| Because of these easy-to-study bacterial chemotaxis energydynamics,
| probably the best =first= way to study information-content via work
| would be to debelop a mirco-fMRI thecnique - a scaled-down-in-size
| but scaled-up-insensitivity version of existing fMRI scanners - it
| would be an fMRI 'microscope'.
| Then put a bacterium in-there, and carefully control the nutrient
| concentration gradient that it experiences.
| As data accumulates, the always-down-hill-ness of the bacterial
| energydynamics would become clearly apparent.
| That is, the internal molecular cascade would 'invert' with respect
| to positive and negative nutrient concentration gradients. This'd
| allow such cascades to be classified with respect to the WDB2T
| energy-gradient - and all of the molecular 'switches' within them
| be hierarchically ordered with respect to WDB2T.
| All of the bacterial protein-folding dynamics, as they were
| in my former msgs dealing with 3-D energydynamics, would be
| observable - one could look right into the 3-D energydynamics of
| DNA, and when one does, one will see molecular constituents
| etc.] 'shuttling' in and out of the always-down-hill-ness with
| respect to WDB2T.
| This problem is easy to study because the bacterium's local WDB2T
| be rigorously controlled by just controlling the nutrient
| concentration gradient.
| It'd all be interesting, but of particular interest would be the
| molecular cascades correlated to the bacterium's "inversion" from
| ordered activation of its flagella to disordered activation of its
| flagella - these would present a vivid picture of work-encoded
| information-content - the work-encoded automation of  'knowing'.
| It's be-cause all of Biology is rigorously ordered with respect to
| WDB2T that all of this is possible, and will be accomplished.
| Then Mlecular Biology will become Real.
| [Forgive me, please, for saying it plain.]
| Cheers, K. P. Collins

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