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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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Wed Apr 9 23:19:16 EST 2003

"Emotional Torrent Greets G.I. Arrival in Central Baghdad", By JOHN F. BURNS


"Zone of randomness" [ZoR; AoK, Ap4]

"In Iraq Towns, Allegiances Shift Quickly to Winning Side", By CHARLIE LeDUFF


"Inversion" [AoK, Ap4].

Both the ZoR stuff and the inversion, presently, remain only =temporary=.

Over the longer-term, population-wide TD E/I i Iraq [and other Arab populations] will remain relatively-high, and the direction in which population-wide TD E/I-minimization will exit the ZoR will be determined by the TD E/I(up\down)-generating experience that ensues.

The situation =demands Reason= that maintains things within the relatively-small TD E/I(up) range that the mechanism of curiosity recognizes as being inoccuously-useful, while maintaining a consistent overall directionality.

The Behavioral inversion is only temporary because all of the formerly-developed biological mass acquired over the courses of long individuals' experiences is still in-there [in folks' nervous systems].

There will be no work-'cheap' solutions - the behavioral inversion will dissipate if commensurate work is not done to assure its directionality [as, for instance, in the Marshal Plan on Europe's behalf after WWII].

There's also a 'sinister' side to the inversion that corresponds to 'retribution' stuff with respect to Iraqi torture tactics - if I were on the spot, this part of the inversion would get my attention real-fast, in the midst of addressing the whole population-wide dynamics as above.

Choices have been made, the needs inherent in them demand the performance of work - there are no 'short-cuts' - no 'magic'-wand that can be waved to 'poof!' physically-real biological mass outta-there.

It's not a 'done-deal' - necessary work remains - assertion of Reason is the paramount necessity. Fail with that, and it's going to be a 'forty-miles-of-bad-road' circumstance.

[All of this stuff has also been in AoK all along, which is why there was a "better way" than resort to war.]

K. P. Collins

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