Basic Neuron Questions

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The Nobel Laureat, Albert Szent-Gyorgi said, "Discovery consists of
seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has

It's True - and all it requires is Living with one's eyes wide open,
and a will to not pass this or that by when curiosity's little
'squirt' of "inverting reward" [AoK, Ap5] happens.

Most folks just 'smile' and go on their ways. I stop and study the
source. It's all that's required, and makes all the difference [oh
yeah, also requires a relatively-high "volitional diminishing
returns" decision threshold [AoK, Ap7] I received such, as I've
discussed, as a Gift from my Dad - at his side in his cellar

[I want to do what's here because I want to pass on Dad's Gift stuff.
=Anyone= can Discover stuff - everything that's necessary is right in
every 'normal' nervous system -  but most folks just 'smile' and go
on their ways without Honoring the 'whispering' that's in "inverting
reward" [the stuff that allowed them the 'smile'], and following it
all the way to its source.]

I'd Love to see all Children taught about the Joy inherent.

FWIW, ken

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| Bertrand Russell,
| "The first task in philosophy is to recognise that a problems
exists in the
| first place."
| Something like that.
| See Ken, I've got a quote for every bloody thing. That blood memory
of mine.
| Cascades, cascades ...
| John.
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