Basic Neuron Questions

Dag Stenberg dag.stenberg at
Fri Apr 11 02:02:05 EST 2003

KP-PC <k.p.collins at> wrote:
> Naw - the Proof ain't heavy' - and it's been organized for decades -
> all it requires is an academic Neuroscience group, somewhere, that
> isn't 'afraid' to actually do Neuroscience.

Ken, I am sure most neuroscientists here agree that we need three
neuroscience groups: one for the health food freaks and alikes, one for
the accepted professional discussion of neuroscience methods, principles and
knowledge, and one for your version of *academic* 'Neuroscience' to "save"
the =World=. This would facilitate the sorting of noise, but unfortunately
we all also know that these categories would not stay apart.

Dag Stenberg

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