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Basic Neuron Questions

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri Apr 11 03:10:12 EST 2003

Hi Dag.

"Dag Stenberg" <dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi.invalid> wrote in
message news:b75p9d$1ko$1 at oravannahka.helsinki.fi...
| KP-PC <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote:
| > Naw - the Proof ain't heavy' - and it's been organized for
decades -
| > all it requires is an academic Neuroscience group, somewhere,
| > isn't 'afraid' to actually do Neuroscience.
| Ken, I am sure most neuroscientists here agree that we need three
| neuroscience groups: one for the health food freaks and alikes, one
| the accepted professional discussion of neuroscience methods,
principles and
| knowledge, and one for your version of *academic* 'Neuroscience' to
| the =World=. This would facilitate the sorting of noise, but
| we all also know that these categories would not stay apart.
| Dag Stenberg

I understand, and, although it's probably counter-productive, I admit
that I'm [rather desperately] trying to win an opportunity to go
before some neuroscientific 'inquisition' - in-person, where all
questions can be dealt with on the spot [instead of 'getting-lost'
within the 'interstitial spaces' between our news group posts.

I'm 'desperate' because, in a matter of days, the unthinkable will
begin happening - my 31 years of devoted effort will begin to go to
waste, I'll go homeless, and, after that, it's unlikely that I'll be
able to do anything more [there's something 'repulsive' in an
unshaven, unwashed, disheveled-from-sleeping-in-his-car man's
approaching folks to discuss Neuroscinece].

So, yes, I've been 'pushing' hard.

I'm trying to save my Life - trying to survive.

In the end, all I'm looking for is a way to continue to work. Some
cellar or attic room with an internet connection, nearby a good
Library, and food is all I'm hoping for. In return for such, I'll use
the opportunity to organize my research materials, integrate the
contemporaneous Literature's stuff within them, write it up [rewrite
AoK], and submit it for publication in the 'normal' way.

I know this's doable. I know that the 'uncomfortable' necessary
speace is probably available at most Universities, and I could pay my
way by contributing in Neuroscience Classrooms and Labs. My
experience is broad - cutting across the 'borders' of traditional
areas of specialization, and doing so in depth - so what I have to
offer a University is of Value.

I don't care if anyone ever knows 'who I am'. I care only about not
failing to do what needs to be done.

As far as your 'groupings', above, are concerned, there's no
separating the Human stuff from Neuroscience because what
Neuroscience studies is the wellspring of Humanness.

Yes, it's good to work on a small 'piece' of the overall problem, but
there's no escaping that the overall problem is, in fact, the overall

I understand that such seems 'offensive', but I also understand that
it seems 'offensive' =only= be-cause it correlates to TD E/I(up) with
respect to the TD E/I-minimization that's converged upon within
'traditional' experience - that is, be-cause it's merely 'unfamiliar'
within 'traditional' experience.

You know?

The work I've done constitutes work that needed to be done. I did it
knowing that I'd get 'beat-up' for doing it [be-cause of the
'blindly'-automated TD E/I energydynamics inherent]. Still I did the
work - the work that needed to be done.

Now, I'm just asking folks not to allow both the work and me to

It's a small request that's entirely aligned with the goal of
Science, isn't it?


But I =do= Apologize for my 'discomfitting' begging. If there was
another way, I'd not do such.

As things stand, however, I'm literally staring Death in the face -
so I must 'beg' for my Life.

It's not as if I'm offering nothing in return for the opportunity to
stay Alive so that I can only work-more.

Is such a 'Capital Offense'?

All I want is to work-more.

Cheers, Dag. You are in my 'heart'.

K. P. Collins

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