Basic Neuron Questions

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| | I don't know your background, John. But maybe you don't
| how very
| | very little we actually know about the brain. Our current brain
| research is
| | to a large extent like butterfly collecting. We arrange the facts
| we observe
| | according to their colors, size, shape, and put them in different
| boxes. But
| | at a fundamental level we have no idea.
| Ha, ha, ha! ;-]
| Good one, Didier! :-]
| K. P. Collins

Aw, gees, Forgive me, please. I'm just trying [ignobilly] to 'force'
the matter - in an effort to prevent both the 'death' of the work
I've done, and my own Death.

Is anything within the work I've done a 'Capital Offense'?


But folks're, nevertheless, making it exactly that.

In days, I'll begin Dying.

I can only 'protest' - I'm Innocent of =any= 'offense', never mind,
'Capital Offense'.

Why can't I bring my research materials to U Maryland, and, in some
unused corner of the University, =quietly= continue to work in return
for room and board?

I'll publish my work Dedicated to the University [and all along,
provide many instances of fundable projects - got them "in good
measure, pressed-down, and overflowing" =thousands of instances of
such [I can't win any funding because Foundations do not fund
unaffiliated individuals - so these thousands of fundable things are
all going unfunded and un-'done' [I do all of them in my noggin' lab,
and can show folks how to do that, too] - so I can pay my way
thousands of 'times' over via such funding that I can bring to a

I'll even root for the Terps :-]

Cheers, Didier, ken

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