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Evolution & Prions

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Fri Apr 11 09:43:23 EST 2003

"Gene Study Finds Cannibal Pattern", By NICHOLAS WADE


On the surface, the Article 'upholds' Darwin's position.

But look at what's actually going on - the problem was analyzed, and
ameliorating Choice was implemented.

Such does harken back to 'the genes', but only because the
'blueprint' for nervous systems' general-processor capacities resides
within 'the genes' with respect to reproduction.

The Choice to 'move away from' prion disease derived in the driving
of nervous systems' general-processor capacities via the experiencing
of external WDB2T - via the experiencing of TD E/I(up) that the
observables with respect to prion disease caused to occur within the
nervous systems of folks in Science.

Beyond their role as 'repository' for the 'blueprint' for the
general-processor design for nervous systems, 'the genes' had nothing
to do with the decision to do something about 'moving away from'
prion disease.

The 'moving away from' derived in experiential WDB2T ^ -1.

Get it?

All of Evolution is the same stuff. For example, consider the way
facial symmetry enters into what's considered to constitute facial
'beauty' [which enters strongly into 'selection']. As is discussed in
AoK, Ap3 and Ap6, symmetry is 'just' visually-monitored TD E/I. The
greater the symmetry the lower the TD E/I - which the nervous
system's generalized processor recognizes as 'good' and 'mpves
toward' in 'selection'.

Everything in 'selection' works like this - even instances in which
'destructive selections' occur [in which folks choose each other
because they 'sense' 'attraction, via TD E/I-minimization, that ends
up drawing them into relationships that'll only replicate their
'familiar' 'negative' stuff.

Really - I'd like to see anyone try to come up with =anything= of
Evolution that does not reduce directly to WDB2T ^ -1 [that does not
reduce to 'climbing' the WDB2T energy-gradient.

Please, take a stab at such. You won't get it unless you try to come
up with something, and it's an important Q, so why not have a go at

ken [K. P. Collins]

"P. S. ..."

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