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An EPT apropos, apropos e.g. Re: DHEA supplement shows no effect on Alzheimer's disease

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Sun Apr 13 04:38:34 EST 2003

It is an unfortunate fact - and incredibly ironic in the case of
anthropobiological sciences - that many a scientific search or preoccupation
implies "a soaking-up of attentional energy otherwise better spent";
IOW, that many such searches "out-compete" [in the arena of our modular CNS
or modular "Actention Selection System"*] other _potentially_ dominant
actention modules "focuses of actention", some of which might give rise to a
clear and philanthropically useful understanding (based on ample amounts of
already accumulated facts and readily available sources of information) of
that and how "primal Pain" (synonymically expressed: engrams, CURSES, or
"slowly and 'gently' as well as rapidly incurred "trauma type" memories) is
a most insidious and sorely 'ignored' single factor behind much chronic
cultural, mental, emotional, and bodily disease and malaise.

(Moreover, it is a factor badly missed by many an evolution theoretical
explanation of how we are and came to be "this way".)

*About the ASS:
The "ASS" (better than talking in the term of CNS, not just because it
allows one to make enlightening light of that fact and the consequences of
that nearly all of us have, especially early in our lives, accumulated a
significant amount of "Pain in the ASS";-) can appropriately be seen as
mostly consisting of _potentially_ (N.B. not actually) neurally "energized"
to transient dominance (as a consequence of the individual's "total
situation" -- i.e., current and past environmental influences, and
phylogenetically and epigenetically 'pre-programmed' endogenous influences)
partly by way of the neurological principles "lateral inhibition" (more
generally expressed as "center/surround excitation/inhibition") and
mechanisms behind "pain gating" (what is here meant by "pain" includes
"primal Pain"; and such "gates" are more EPTly expressed as: thresholds to
feedback inhibition set and triggered specifically in "to SHITS detection"
specialized interneurons) amongst all mutually as if competing "actention
systemic modules".

The notion that certain actention modules (within the ASS) may become
energized sufficiently for "focuses of actention" to 'materialize' (and that
what "materializes" in brainspace-time are specific patterns of heightened
neural metabolizing/firing activity, or IOW "transiently predominantly
energized actention modules") lends itself to being a simple definition of
_any_ [and always self- (and often also social-) regulatory, though not
always in a beneficial way] content, level, and "line" (level dependent
mode) of "Consciousness".


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