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Evolution & Prions

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Sun Apr 13 08:46:34 EST 2003

"Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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| > Come to think of it...
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| > | Hi Peter.
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| > | | >
| > | | > [...]
| > | | An "marsupial forest rat" (in Australia)
| > | | who gets into such frenzy at time
| > | | of mating that it dies from exhaustion
| > | | soon afterwards.
| > | | [...]
| >
| > ...this, presently, seems to fit my case perfectly.
| >
| > ['mind-mating', which, by now, we all know is 'just' TD
| > E/I-minimization :-]
| >
| > ken
| Hi Ken,
| You seem to be trying to turn yourself towards "jocular hedonism",
and me
| away from my EPT intention! :-)
| I suppose I should have added, that:
| More than any "Minimization", it is ultimately evolutionary
survival that,
| as far as evolution theoretical interpretations of brain and other
| biochemical mechanisms goes, matters most.
| %-]
| Cheers,
| P

How can it be "hedonism" if I'm staring Death in the face because of

It's not like I can find employment, but refuse it - I'd gladly feed
and shelter myself if I could.

What it looks like to me is that I've developed a 'reputation' that
has to be mostly-False 'rumor' stuff - because I always, first, earn
my salary. What I don't do is 'play office politics' - prefer to use
my energy in other ways [this could be considered "hedonistic" if it
weren't for the fact that the work is for the Children, and mine will
never be born.

So, in my case, it's 'dead-man-walking' stuff - pushed myself so
hard, I ran way ahead of everyone else. Now, I'm left being only a TD
E.I(up)-inducing stimulus set to everyone else, so everyone else
'moves away from' 'me'. See?

Really, Peter - how can I say it?

It's a Hard way to Die.

Or will I be Rescued tomorrow?

I Hope so, but I've been begging for more than 10 years - thinking
everyday that "I'll be Rescued tomorrow", so that hypothesis is
losing it's 'lustre' awe-filled fast :-]

Anyway, "evolutionary survival " - "survival of the species" - what
Darwin missed is groupwise altruism cannot possibly be genetically
coded for. It's not. It's breathed-into Life by the energy-flow that
is WDB2T [maybe by more than WDB2T, but I can't See beyond WDB2T,

Why can't groupwise altruism be genetically coded for?

Because all of it's parameters derive within individually-unique
experience - it'd take one hellava huge 'brain' to containe the
genetic code for infinity.

Instead, =generalized= 'climbing' of the WDB2T energy-gradient is
what the set of =all= genes code for.

Although steam engines [Thermodynamics stuff] had appeared before his
'time' Darwin just didn't know Physics, so he couldn't see it.

That's all.

It's an Error that needs to be Corrected.

That's all, too :-]

I'm sorry if I'm overly-'serious' these days, but I'd have to be
Insane to not attend to 'the gist of my personal circumstance, no?

Insane I ain't.

'Heart'-broken, I'm becoming.

"Oh well."

What's your terminology for, "No one will even meet with me
in-person, even though my Life depends upon such" ..."

"CURSES" ...? :-]

I wish I could discern some Justification in-Truth, that's all.

But I can't.

Can see a lot of 'excuse'-stuff, but no Justification in-Truth.

Science doesn't 'move away from' doing Science.

You know?


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