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Evolution & Prions

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Sun Apr 13 11:35:58 EST 2003

Hi peter.

"Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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| > Why can't groupwise altruism be genetically coded for?
| Although am not so sure that you are at all clear about what you
| behind this question, but, all the same -- I have never ever
asserted or
| insisted that altruistic behaviours cannot become genetically coded
| > Because all of it's parameters derive within individually-unique
| > experience - it'd take one hellava huge 'brain' to containe the
| > genetic code for infinity.
| That seems to me a helluva weired statement!

It's discussed in AoK, Ap1, and it's simple, and Verified to be True.
The Verification is given in AoK, Ap1.

| > Instead, =generalized= 'climbing' of the WDB2T energy-gradient is
| > what the set of =all= genes code for.
| You are really climbing out on a logically weak limb here, it seems
to me!

Nope. I'm down at the Fundamentals - Tera Firma - but, perhaps, we're
ships passing in the night of our mutually-exclusive experience.

Are you just trying to get me to explain better? :-]

The "set of =all= genes" is all of of =all= 'genetic blueprints' -
single-celled animals to Humans.

Evolutionary dynamics 'seek' to 'climb' WDB2T with respect to the set
of =all= genes - every little thing 'stakes out its claim' within the
overall energy-flow that is WDB2T, with respect to 'climbing' the
energy-gradient inherent in the overall energy-flow that is WDB2T.

Go back to my original "Prion" post. Do you think the
groupwise-altruism that turned the incidence rate of Kuru around was
coded-for in the genes?

If you do, you're right back at necessarily-infinite-sized 'brains',
which is one way of addressing the =subtle= 'point' I'm 'introducing'
to Evolutionary Science [I actually Introduced it the better part of
a decade ago in sci.bio.evolution].

So, if 'brains' can't be infinite in size, and of course they can't
[at least not the biological kind], then stuff like the
groupwise-altruism that was manifested by Medical Scientists has to
arise via a non-specifically-genetically-coded 'path'.

As I explained in my prior posts, that
non-specifically-genetically-coded 'path' takes the form of the
specifically-coded-genetic-'blueprint' for the
=generalixed-with-respect-to-WDB2T processor that is 'the brain'.

Given that 'design', brains [nervous systems] can follow WDB2T's one
'map' of Truth to =acquire= non-genetically-coded behavioral
by-production capabilities - such as behavioral by-production that
checks the spread of Kuru, AIDS, Cancer, SAR, Prejudice, Murder, War,

When one looks within such, one sees, clearly, that it's WDB2T that
Determines 'the genes', and everything else within Life, not 'the

If it's still not clear to you, please come back, Good Buddy.

| > Although steam engines [Thermodynamics stuff] had appeared before
| > 'time' Darwin just didn't know Physics, so he couldn't see it.
| >
| > That's all.
| >
| > It's an Error that needs to be Corrected.
| >
| > That's all, too :-]
| >
| > I'm sorry if I'm overly-'serious' these days, but I'd have to be
| > Insane to not attend to 'the gist of my personal circumstance,
| >
| > Insane I ain't.
| >
| > 'Heart'-broken, I'm becoming.
| >
| > "Oh well."
| >
| > What's your terminology for, "No one will even meet with me
| > in-person, even though my Life depends upon such" ..."
| >
| > "CURSES" ...? :-]
| Choice of terminology does not help here; but perhaps if you
perceived the
| possibility that primal therapy (which would help

I'm a tad on the 'hurting'-side, Peter, but I've rewritten everything
upon which the 'therapists' should be 'standing', but they aren't -
that's part of the 'problem'.

Your thought is 'hilarious'.

As I've discussed repeatedly here in b.n, I went through all the
'dying-to-self' stuff decades ago. My spirit 'screamed'. Honestly, my
spirit 'screamed' at it's 'dying'.

Doesn't do a damn bit of good :-]

Doesn't solve anything.

What solves stuff is doing the work inherent in solving stuff :-]

| > I wish I could discern some Justification in-Truth, that's all.
| > But I can't.
| I suppose you mean to say that you can't discern any justice in the
| things (on the whole) are.

I mean what I said. I can see no Justification in-Truth.

It's not like I've been expecting anything that doesn't happen every
day, in myriad Science places, all around the world. It's not like
I've been expecting anything that Science doesn't Profess itself to
be Obligated to.

I know my efforts are Worthy, if 'unusual'. I know I've Advanced
Science. I know how hard I've worked. I know how great are the
'costs' inherent.

Nothing in the 'refusal' even comes close to 'balancing' any of this.

So I see the absence of Justice in-Truth - plain and clear.

| And moreover, that you can't goes to prove that you are not
insane -- at
| least not at the moment. ;-)

I don't 'break'.

It's just that it does seem that I'm beginning my Dying, for what
seem to me to be unreasonable 'reasons'.

| > Can see a lot of 'excuse'-stuff, but no Justification in-Truth.
| Same thing.
| > Science doesn't 'move away from' doing Science.
| Yes,  I know! Because doing science can be, and usually is, a form
| addiction.
| P

"Addiction" - anything that the nervous system 'chases'
relatively-exclusively, accompanied by detrimental exclusion of other

I understand.

First, I've not not-tried to find employment. I don't even get
calls-back from my applications to dishwasher jobs. You know, one
applies for jobs 'endlessly', and one observes the absurdity in the
trend in which one gets no calls back.

It's why it seems I'm 'infamous' for this reason or that - you know -
I go to advocate on behalf of the Children and a hostile 'juris
prudence' system, locks me up, even though I Beg for my Dad's Life,
and even though all I was doing was Advocating on behalf of the
Children. After having done everything I could think of in
traditional ways, for more than a decade, to just bring my research
forward, I do a hunger strike, after having gotten Permission from
=all= Authorities who have Jurisdiction, and although all I'm doing
is sitting off by myself not bothering anyone - not even trying to
talk to anyone - on the first day of the hunger strike, I'm
'arrested' and dumped in a 'mental institution'.

Another 'time', after some serious endeavor at a local University
that came to naught, I was arrested after getting drunk - I just to
let - for sitting on the floor having excellent conversation with a
Young Woman who had a well-hidden mean streak a mile wide - I'm
dragged out of there, but it's the first snow of winter, and I've got
my Dad's bike to care for, so, rather than risk Life and limb, and
Dad;s bike, I go to a party to which I was invited by the Young Women
who gave me their pitchers of beer, on which I got drunk - I'd just
$3.00 in my own pockets - knowing that, I'd thought I'd be safe
"having one" - but they gave me all this beer - and the one I'd had
was enough to give me the I-don't-give-a-damns - so I got drunk.

The cops came back, put handcuffs on only one of my wrists, and
proceeded to beat me up. My body was hard as a rock back then, and I
realized why they'd only cuffed one of my wrists, so I just jeld my
hands behind my back and took it.

I went to 'court'. The 'officers' Pejured themselves. The 'judge' let
me off with probation, but I refused it. I do not co-operate with
Perujry. So I was imprisoned.

So, to prospective employers, I'm a 'formerly institutionalized',
multiply-imprisoned, 'Loser' that they don't want to hire.

"Never mind" that I was Laying-My-Life-On-The-Line for their Children
[and them], like, I expect, no one in Science ever has - all I am to
anybody who checks is a 'formerly institutionalized',
multiply-imprisoned, 'Loser' that they don't want to hire.

You know?

So, here I am, still Begging to only be allowed to work-more.

It's plain-to-see that there's 'just' no Justice in-Truth,

I don't need 'therapy', "Primal" or otherwise.

The 'system', Verifiably, needs 'therapy' :-]

I need to Fix what's Verifiably-Broken in-there.


It cannot be that one who does what needs to be done is 'thwarted' by

Such Ravages Humanity.

Where does it begin?

With 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended.

Sad-Cheers, Peter, ken

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